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Hideez presents a new security key to ensure passwordless access in both Digital and Physical world

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Hideez presents a new security key to ensure passwordless access in both Digital and Physical world

June 03
21:36 2021

Leading cybersecurity company Hideez’s new security solution, Hideez Key 4, hit the market after officially receiving FIDO U2F and FIDO2 (Level 1) certification from the FIDO Alliance.  

The new multi-protocol security key has extended connectivity via Bluetooth low energy (BLE), NFC and micro-USB, and a rechargeable battery for an unlimited lifespan. It is now available for online pre-order at a special price of $49 before the official release in July 2021. 

Hideez Key 4 allows a seamless combination of virtual and physical access control. The device is sold in a bundle with a special USB Bluetooth dongle that keeps the Bluetooth connection stable.  

Once a user downloads Hideez Client software, he is able to store and fill his login credentials at the push of the button, generate strong NIST-compliant passwords, and lock/unlock his computer based on Hideez Key’s proximity. 

At the same time, FIDO authentication makes it easier to log in to websites and applications that support 2FA and passwordless authentication based on U2F and FIDO2 standards. It is also possible to use the key instead of a smart card to open electronic RFID doors with a built-in pre-programmed RFID tag. 

“Our product is a next-generation hardware security token which is designed to be paired with PCs, tablets, smartphones, or specific production lines via Bluetooth, NFC, or USB connection. It will ensure a fast and simple authentication experience across multiple operating systems including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux,” said Oleg Naumenko, CEO of Hideez Group.

One can use Hideez Key either as a standalone product or within Hideez Enterprise Solution, an advanced IAM tool applicable for businesses in any industry. The solution allows seamless incorporation of NIST recommendations, facilitates enterprise password management, and ensures centralized security control of both physical and virtual endpoints without additional employee training. 

Enterprise admins can assign Hideez Keys to specific employees, manage their profiles, review workstation sessions, and manage access to any services and resources quickly and securely after deploying a centralized Hideez Enterprise Server.

“Hideez Key eliminates the need for employees to remember or write down their passwords and struggle with 2FA. The device can lock/unlock employee workstations by Bluetooth proximity and open RFID door locks in the offices. It is perfect for complex multi-user environments in any domain, including banking, finance, healthcare, education, IT, and other most vulnerable industries,” Mr. Naumenko stressed. 

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