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Louis Siciliano is the composer of the new feature film directed by Dario Argento

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Louis Siciliano is the composer of the new feature film directed by Dario Argento

June 07
09:18 2021
Louis Siciliano is the composer of the new feature film directed by Dario Argento

Sir Louis Siciliano (multi-awards winning film-music composer)
The legendary film director returns behind the camera, with a thriller inspired by Edgar Allan Poe with the original music composed by Sir Louis Siciliano and set entirely in the center of Rome.

Louis Siciliano will be the composer of the soundtrack of the new feature film by Dario Argento entitled BLACK GLASSES (temporary title). The name of Louis Siciliano is added to the list of composers (Goblin, Ennio Morricone and Brian Eno) who, over the years, have collaborated with this legendary film director.

Initially, DAFT PUNK was thought of for the production of the soundtrack for this feature film. When the news of the breakup of the famous duo arrived in February, Dario Argento met Louis Siciliano and had no doubts about the new choice.

“Music in Dario Argento’s films has a very important function and having the trust and esteem of a sublime Maestro like him is truly the crowning of a dream for me. I am working 16 hours a day in pre-production to create some powerful and original sounds for this project. As soon as the shooting starts, I will also start recording in parallel, in order to proceed hand in hand with the film editing,” declared Louis Siciliano, already totally involved in the creative process of what is already promised to be the next season’s film event.

Sir Louis Siciliano, award-winning composer of film music, has been repeatedly defined by critics as a “Renaissance Spirit”: argonaut of expressive and original sounds, innovator of the meta-language for musical composition MUMEx (Multiverse Music Exploration), pioneer of Electronic Music and the spatialization of sound, multi-instrumentalist and conductor known all over the world for his tireless activity as an ambassador of Syncretic Music.

The Maestro Louis Siciliano who lives and works between Los Angeles, London and Rome is also the founder of MAGIC&UNIQUE GROUP, a sort of Resistance, the last bastion of many musicians from all over the world who have polarized around this “Artistic Movement” and who fight strenuously against the cultural flattening imposed by the mainstream.

Dario Argento has chosen an innovative and counter-current Artist to give voice to this mysterious new feature film.

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