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Staying Focused and Managing Time During UPSC Exam Preparation

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Staying Focused and Managing Time During UPSC Exam Preparation

June 07
12:34 2021
Staying Focused and Managing Time During UPSC Exam Preparation

SprintUPSC is an engaging and analytics-driven test platform with high-quality content for UPSC aspirants. With over 16000 questions covering 230+ topics and 35+ gold standard books, SprintUPSC is the only practice platform you need for clearing UPSC Prelims.

Although time management is essential throughout the UPSC Examination preparation journey, now that the Union Public Service has postponed the exam giving these additional months to the aspirants, it is of even greater essence to make the most of it. Those who utilise this time optimally to enhance their performance will take the lead and have an edge over those who lack to capitalise this opportunity and are still just thinking to somehow make it past the finish line.

How is postponement of the UPSC/IAS Exam a game-changer?

The faculty at SprintUPSC, an award-winning, unlimited book-chapter wise online practice test platform for UPSC Prelims by DeepLearn Solutions says that it gives a great chance to those who would have just managed to or were just thinking of getting onto the merit list – they now have the time to not just clear the IAS exam but do well there.

However, it all depends upon a candidate’s attitude towards this opportunity, how they take it and if they make the most of it, because some definitely will, says Simranjit Singh, a founder and director of DeepLearn Solutions.

Those who were sure to clear it, would now try to improve their score by covering their weak areas. Those who were unsure about their chances of clearing the UPSC Prelims Exam now have the opportunity to do all it takes to make it through. On the other hand, those who were sure to top the list, if they do not remain consistent with their preparation and revisions over the next few months, have all the chances to be de-throned by those who would do all they thought they would have done had they got some more time, which they have now been served on a platter.

This is the time to revise all the books and topics that an aspirant has learnt until now. The best way to revise is through practice tests, and one the best platforms to do so is SprintUPSC (available on Android/IOS/Windows) because it has been designed exactly the way aspirants must practice to get the best performance. Mock test series are a good simulation of the exam, but they do not cover everything that needs to be revised; they have a very limited purview.

Practicing in this appropriate way on SprintUPSC will not only help the aspirants maintain their preparation momentum, it will also help them gain detailed insights into their performance through the unique AI-driven performance engine underlying the SprintUPSC platform that tells a user’s weak and strong areas as well as the coverage of the whole UPSC Exam Syllabus. UPSC/IAS Exam is not about touching all topics or mugging some facts, it’s about the overall knowledge gained and the concepts that are built through it.

With over 17000+ questions covering 230+ topics in great depth from over 35+ UPSC Standard books (including NCERTs), SprintUPSC is the best UPSC/IAS practice test platform that aspirants can spend their time on over the next few months and see the difference in their performance as well as confidence levels.

Competing with over 60000+ aspirants who are using this UPSC Prelims practice app and taking tests, daily challenges, doing the Previous Years papers, and more and more aspirants are signing up on every day, candidates can test the waters and see where they stand through through the detailed subject-wise performance scores and all India Rankings on SprintUPSC.

This is the last leg of a long journey, and the faculty at SprintUPSC advises all aspirants to put their best foot forward. While many candidates are going in for the first attempt, it may be now or never for many others and they are definitely going to leave no stone unturned to get into the IAS list and go to LBSNAA to fulfil their dream.

When aspirants think about the long and tedious course of UPSC examination preparation, their worst fears are – (a) staying focused until the end and (b) time management to cover the vast syllabus, explains Amit Sareen, a founder and director at DeepLearn Solutions. Well, the good news is that both these factors are interlinked, making it a single problem. The better news is that SprintUPSC has some simple tips, diligently practising which may keep such fears at bay, adds Amit Sareen.

Simranjit Singh gives a one line answer to this problem – If you focus on time management, you stay focused and your time is managed.

Some Tips by SprintUPSC to make the most of the remaining time –

  • Prepare a Timetable: Make a timetable and paste it at a place that is visible at most times. This helps in reminding and motivating candidates to accomplish their plans.

  • Try to Reach One Small Goal at a Time: Aiming at distant goals can cause frustration. It is better to set small and achievable goals each day and move on to the next upon its completion.

  •  Create Milestones: When one knows the starting point and the end goal, plot the journey to the end, dividing the path into regularly spaced milestones/checkpoints so that one can ensure that the trajectory remains on course.  

  • Analyse and Understand Mistakes:  It is difficult to acknowledge mistakes without properly analysing one’s performance. Well, if an aspirant has been using SprintUPSC to practice and revise the syllabus regularly, it comes in quite handy here. The Artificial Intelligence based, metrics-driven analytics engine is something an aspirant can rely on to get a good insight into their performance through various metrics.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: There is no alternative to or a way around this hard fact and truth as confirmed by numerous successful IAS candidates time and again. The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in the battlefield is an age-old adage that holds true even in the examinations as exams are no less than a battlefield. A small mistake, a simple tripover of a concept can cost a candidate very valuable marks. Negative marking rules out aspirants’ attempts to turn the exam into a guessing game; there’s simply no room for guesses or mistakes. Hence, the more aspirants practice and learn from their mistakes when the still have the time, the lesser chances of making mistakes in the exam.

On SprintUPSC UPSC/IAS Practice Test Platform, aspirants can –

• Create unlimited tests Book-Chapter/Topic Wise

• Create Current Affairs tests Month-wise

• Create Tests on Budget 2021 & Economic Survey

• Schedule Tests whenever as per their personal study timetable

• Take Daily Challenge for free & win prizes

• See All India Ranking on the Leaderboard

• Practice Past 5 years Papers for free

• Analyse Subject-wise & Overall Performance Score

• Raise support tickets to get doubts resolved by a team of expert faculty

So, if a UPSC/IAS aspirant thinks that all they need now is a UPSC mock test series and the time for book-chapter wise practice is long gone, that’s not the case. They can still start and not only clear their IAS Exam, but also do well in it by practicing on SprintUPSC.

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