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Muhammed Ali Predicted Vinnie Curto Would Be a Boxing Champion – He Was Right but Would Love What He Is Champion of Now

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Muhammed Ali Predicted Vinnie Curto Would Be a Boxing Champion – He Was Right but Would Love What He Is Champion of Now

June 08
07:54 2021
Muhammed Ali Predicted Vinnie Curto Would Be a Boxing Champion - He Was Right but Would Love What He Is Champion of Now

The United States is currently in a crisis, and it’s an issue that hasn’t been addressed for years, slowly building into a matter of national concern. Income inequality has reached unprecedented levels, and poverty remains at an all-time high. While racial and gender inequalities are just beginning to shift, the road towards real progress is still somewhat of a dream. Fortunately, the World Innovation Network for Successful Youth and New Communities (WINSYNC) is here to push the world to take a massive step in the right direction.

As communities are reeling from the negative effects of COVID-19 and the lockdown rules being imposed, more people are looking for new and innovative solutions than ever before. WINSYNC is an organization formed by powerful individuals who have either been leaders themselves or close to world leaders in thought and activity. These individuals have felt that it is finally time to change the world.

Much of the planet has been battered by economic and social injustice, and in the face of the global pandemic, more and more of its citizens have adopted innovative breakthroughs for solving its most pressing problems. 

All of the leaders associated with WINSYNC have proven themselves to be extremely capable people who can incite positive change in the world. Founder of WINSYNC, Barbara Gold, has taken it upon herself to bring the world’s most capable individuals together. “We have groundbreaking plans that are garnering huge numbers of interested parties along with the organizational experience to capitalize on all of it,” said Barbara.

A recent Stanford University research paper cited that the world’s one percent have made even significantly more money in the face of the global pandemic while most of the world’s population sank even deeper into poverty. This economic imbalance should not be tolerated. A societal change must happen sooner rather than later. 

“We have individuals who have either led organizations that rebelled against the current world status or were at the top levels of organizations that determine much of the world’s activities,” explained Barbara. “Because I have helped change the world once at Warners Strategic Planning, and we all see the necessity of doing it again in a more important way, plus having the support of Vinnie Curto and so many other amazingly capable people. It must be meant to be,” she added.

Vinnie Curto, an ex-WBF Cruiserweight world champ who trained alongside Muhammad Ali, is a dedicated member of WINSYNC. Barbara and Vinnie personally experienced a community in crisis in a semi-rural, poor community in Sylmar, California, a few years ago. Together, they set up an outdoor gym and began having personal boxing and group classes in Sylmar.  Vinnie Curto says, “We did this with no money…but we couldn’t walk down the street in Sylmar without some grateful kid yelling out – ‘Coach!  We love you coach!’ What can we do with all this amazing assistance?”

Joining the board members of WINSYNC are esteemed individuals such as Arthur Levine, Stephen Seretan, and Dariya Beckum. These individuals are shaping the world as we see it, and with them at the helm of WINSYNC, long-lasting positive change is all but inevitable. In the near future, the organization envisions itself working with the United Nations and the United States government itself, helping fund and realize programs that will transform the youth and the country’s local communities.

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