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CI Talks confirms that it has achieved over three million online video views since launching in February 2021 and announces plans for international expansion

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CI Talks confirms that it has achieved over three million online video views since launching in February 2021 and announces plans for international expansion

June 12
03:48 2021

Bangkok, Thailand – In a video press release published on June 9, 2021, Fred Mouawad and Fahsai Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin, Co-founders of CI Talks, confirmed that CI Talks, an online social enterprise offering video talks geared to inspire the younger generation, has exceeded 3 million video views since its launch in February 2021.

Fahsai describes the content as “videos that showcase different celebrities and experts who share their experiences to inspire our viewers to take action and grow”. The short, cinematic videos are scripted to entertain and inspire. Each video delivers three to five actionable takeaways to generate a positive impact among their audience. Fahsai states that the fundamental objective of CI Talks “is for the videos to be viewed by as many people as possible”. Consequently, all videos published are on-demand and free-to-view.

The company achieved over 3 million online video views with seven videos featuring four different celebrities that were released across various channels including their own website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Sixty percent of the views came from Thailand and the remainder were worldwide. Ninety percent of the viewers were between eighteen and thirty-four years old and this, as Fred Mouawad points out, is the age that adults are most susceptible to learning.

Fred Mouawad, Chairman and Co-founder of CI Talks said “What truly motivates me is seeing the acceptance and the initial impact of our videos whilst, at the same time, knowing that we have so much more potential to grow”. Over the coming months, the CI Talks Bangkok Studio will be releasing more weekly video talks in both English and Thai language, featuring coach presenters from a diversity of industries and backgrounds. The intention is to open studios around the world, replicating the model whilst constantly expanding its audience.

Fred commented that “Growing an organization is a challenge, but one that I very much enjoy and have experience in”. The Co-founders also confirmed that video talks from both Indonesia and Lebanon are currently in production and due for release soon; “These are very carefully crafted initiatives, and we are in the process of designing our management systems and building internal capabilities to enable our expansion into many more countries”, says Fred.

CI Talks is implementing technology that will enable it to stream on-demand videos across various platforms including a bespoke mobile app (iOS and Android) that is due for release in the third quarter of 2021. This move enables CI Talks to offer innovative opportunities to advertisers and sponsors who want to reach the younger generation with instream video adverts and interactive, personalized campaigns.

Commenting on the company’s expansion strategy to increase its social impact, Fred said “I very much look forward to our next phase of evolution. For it to be successful, we will need support from multiple stakeholders including corporations, coaches and viewers.”

About CI Talks

CI Talks creates and delivers content that can open minds, inspire, and catalyze people to take action to help them grow and make a positive impact on the lives of those around them. The online social enterprise produces free-to-view, on-demand video talks featuring accomplished individuals who are successful in their industry and who are highly respected in society. These celebrities and experts have the means to inspire young people by sharing their wisdom and unique story. The platform brings together bright minds to present entertaining video talks that foster learning and inspiration, whilst encouraging viewers to take action.

CI Talks: Bringing Wisdom to Life. Be Inspired to Take Action.

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