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Plantility Plant Identification App Now Available On App Store

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Plantility Plant Identification App Now Available On App Store

June 12
04:06 2021

Plantility, a state-of-the-art plant identification app that can identify flowers, trees, weeds, and any type of plant with 95% accuracy, is now available for download on App Store.

The newly launched mobile app instantly identifies one million unique plants through a simple snap from an iPhone camera. Users can become a master of the plant kingdom and share findings with their friends through the integrated Plantility social community.

“While there is a slew of apps related to plants on the iOS and Google Play stores, Plantility emerges on top. Many plant apps focus mainly on identifying flowers, trees, mushrooms, and weeds. Plantility, on the other hand, is a generic plant identifier on iOS that can identify any type of plant,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

Plantility is also a plant health app, offering plant health diagnosis, and allows users to track the health of their plants. With the house plant app, users can scan any plant to get results or search the app’s plant database to explore and identify new flora. 

“Whether you’re a floral enthusiast or just want to know what is growing next to you, Plantility can answer all your questions with the snap of a photo,” the representative added.

The plant scanner features the ability to identify plants, trees, and flowers rapidly with a plant image recognition database, search for plant information with an impressive one million plant-strong database, and share scans to the Plantility community by posting them on your Plantility profile. Users can conveniently start conversations with other plant lovers in the Plantility community.

“As a person who loves plants, there will be situations where you need to find out a name of a tree, herb, or flower. If you don’t know a plant’s name, you probably don’t know anything about it. Plantility will close that gap by showing you everything there is to know about any plant. Unlike a Google search, Plantility can simply scan the plant in question taking all the guesswork,” the representative said.

Users can get a plant’s common and scientific names and learn scanned plant taxonomies by downloading the app. They can study more about the plants by reading scientific citations and wiki pages provided in the scanned plant profile.

Users also have the option to subscribe to the Plantility Premium, where payment will be charged to their Apple account at purchase confirmation time. Upon purchasing a subscription, users will be granted unlimited plant scans, plant database searches, and plant posting and sharing. Subscriptions can be managed and canceled by the user in the App Store Subscriptions menu.

Plant and flower identification apps like Plantility are valuable tools for gardeners and can be very helpful for researchers, hikers, students, teachers, and other professionals. 

Those looking for a helpful and straightforward tree identifier or leaf identifier app can turn to Plantility for the best results. Plant lovers can download the app now to get started. 

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