Professional Career Transitions Helps Professionals Change Careers

Professional Career Transitions uses a seven-step process, the Professional Career Transition System, to assist lawyers and other professionals with their career transition and job search.

June 11, 2021 – Professional Career Transitions, a company run by Greg Yates Consulting, helps lawyers and other professionals with job changes and career transitions.

With more lawyers and other professionals than ever leaving their jobs and looking to change careers, it is now more important than ever these professionals receive expert assistance.

According to a 2019 Florida State Bar survey, nearly 60% of young lawyers are considering a career change. A year earlier, the survey found 70% of all lawyers want to change professions. The pandemic has increased the exodus from the legal profession and other professions.

“We have a straightforward seven-step process, the Professional Career Transition System, which leads to effective and efficient career transitions,” says Greg Yates, owner of Professional Career Transitions. “This system leads to less stressful and more successful career transitions for lawyers and other professionals.”

The Professional Career Transition System and revitalization process builds on Greg Yates’ experience. It also builds on the experiences of hundreds, if not thousands, of other lawyers and other professionals with whom Greg Yates has spoken, corresponded, read or read about.

Many concepts come from his years as a corporate reorganization and restructuring attorney. “Distressed businesses and lawyers with distressed careers have a lot in common,” says Greg Yates.

Professional Career Transitions helps lawyers who want to:

• leave the legal profession to pursue a career path they enjoy more

• become an entrepreneur, either inside or outside the legal industry

• move to another law firm, work in-house, or move to another organization

Greg Yates of Professional Career Transitions works with professionals to help them define their dream career path. He then helps facilitate these professionals’ career transition and revitalization to put them on their ideal path to achieve success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment.

After Professional Career Transitions assesses the professionals’ knowledge, experience, strengths, personality, and values, they work together to create an action plan that leads to success and prosperity in a new career. Accountability with specifically recommended assignments in a mutually agreed upon time frame ensures the best career transition experience.

“We provide comprehensive and detailed advice, support, and coaching to professionals at all career stages who are looking to transition to a different industry or profession,” says Greg Yates. “In addition, we offer insight into possible and concrete steps professionals can take to make their desired change a reality.”

Professional Career Transitions

• Helps attorneys evaluate their careers and lives to get a clear picture of reality

• Assists attorneys in rediscovering their core goals and beliefs

• Helps lawyers envision their ideal career and life

• Helps attorneys focus on their strengths and develop an action plan to revitalize their careers and lives

Prices start at $395 to receive one month of full service and increase to a lifetime plan at $1799. In addition, all clients receive full personalized service from Greg Yates.

Professional Career Transitions is a New York City and San Antonio-based company that provides professional career transition and job search services nationwide. For more information, visit or call (212) 765-0685.

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