Top-quality anti-aging treatment at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre

Anti-aging injections in Melbourne and anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is among the leading skin, laser and anti-ageing clinics in Melbourne to provide the most comprehensive anti-ageing treatment with anti-ageing injections to eliminate or diminish the signs of ageing.

Dr Shobhna Singh, a registered medical practitioner and an accredited skin doctor with more than 10 years of experience in skincare and cosmetics treatment. She is at the helm of Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre. Dr Shobhna is also a Medical Educator with Allergan Medical Institute and trains Doctors and Nurses in Australia and New Zealand in the area of Facial Aesthetics. She is a “Country Expert” for Teoxane Australia in Cosmetic Injectables. Dr Shobhna is also on the Radio Frequency Advisory Board for Cynosure Australia.

Dr Shobhna uses MD Codes for effective anti-ageing treatment. MD Codes is a systematic approach to facial revitalization developed by globally renowned Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Clinician, Dr Mauricio De Maio, to achieve effective, natural and long-lasting results in facial rejuvenation.

As people age, their skin becomes dull, rough and loose. This leads to the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, facial lines, tear troughs, double chin, and so on. According to Dr Shobhna, “one cannot reverse the process of ageing, but they can certainly eliminate or diminish the signs of ageing and get a tighter, radiant and youthful-looking skin”. She further elaborates, “anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne is a simple and quick procedure to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. It is minimally invasive with very less or no discomfort at all. Moreover, this treatment does not cause any downtime. However, they need to follow certain guidelines to ensure the best outcomes.”

Anti-ageing injections in Melbourne and anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne have been approved by the Australian regulatory authority TGA for limited commercial use under the supervision of accredited skin doctors. These anti-wrinkle injections, which are purified proteins, when injected in prescribed quantities, help to relax the muscles beneath the wrinkles. This helps to reduce the wrinkles on the face. Gradually, the wrinkles and fine line completely go away to give a tighter, radiant and youthful skin.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre has a team of well trained and experienced professionals, ably led by Dr Shobhna Singh. The clinic only uses clinically approved, medical-grade premium quality products and equipment to perform skin and cosmetic procedures. They have a transparent approach to treatment, which allows patients to consult and discuss their skin issues, and address their concerns upfront with Dr Shobhna.

Very few cosmetic and skin clinics offer such transparency and comfort with anti-ageing injections in Melbourne. “At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, the concerns of each patient are comprehensively addressed, and then, the treatment procedure is conducted upon the patient’s approval”, says Dr Shobhna.

Be it neck rejuvenation, crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines, smokers lines or bunny lines, etc. you can always find the perfect anti-ageing treatment at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre.

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