“Innovation Week” Begins Again “Core Area” In Full Swing – Enjoy “Innovation Feast” In Jiangning This June

“Adhering to higher standards, standing in higher dimensions, and promoting higher level and higher quality innovation is the persistent pursuit of Jiangning District to build an innovative highland.” On the morning of June 10th, the Innovation Office of Jiangning District Committee held a press conference of Jiangning series activities of “2021 Nanjing Innovation Week”. It is learned that “2021 Nanjing Innovation Week” will be held from June 21st to June 25th in Jiangning District, sticking to the theme of “new development pattern of urban innovation”, highlighting “the universal perception”, strengthening the “brand communication”, integrating the elements of “Jiangning innovation exploration” with the city brand connotation of “waving happiness in Jiangning”. This year’s “Innovation Week”, with a total investment of nearly 50 billion yuan, has elaborately prepared 48 series of activities and will sign more than 150 projects, aiming to build an influential, warm and effective innovation week.

Recently, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Nanjing Municipal Innovation Office, Nanjing Municipal Science, and Technology Bureau jointly released the 2020 annual Nanjing Innovative City Construction Evaluation results. Jiangning District has been awarded the “first” of the three innovative city construction indexes for the second time. “Innovative Jiangning”, Jiangning deserves this title.

About the schedule of this year’s Jiangning Innovation Week, the 5th Future Network Development Conference will be held in Qinhuai International Cultural Exchange Center of Purple Mountain Science and Technology City from June 17th to June 18th. As one of the series activities of Innovation Week in Jiangning, the conference focuses on the mission of “striving to become a major science center and innovation highland in the world” and targeted at “establishing high-end science centers, solidifying foundation and breaking new ground”, prioritizing four features of “advanced, sophisticated and precise”, “extremely compelling”, “highly interactive” and “accurately located”. At that time, the opening ceremony will include the release of major achievements of Purple Mountain Laboratory, the launching ceremony of cooperation of CENI; 1 summit forum, and 13 theme forums covering the future network global development strategy, network communication development, and reform, and many other cutting-edge topics in the future network field. The closing ceremony will include the global release of the planning and design of the Purple Mountain Science and Technology City, the global release of the future network white paper, the launch of major industrial projects, and major cooperation achievements of the Purple Mountain Laboratory.

The following are some other major activities, which include The 4th China-France Innovation Cooperation and Development Conference, 2021 Nordic-China (Nanjing) Life Technology and Digital Medical Industry Cooperation Forum, World Energy Storage Technology Conference & China-UK Energy Storage Technology Forum of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jiulong Lake Night – International Innovation Block Carnival, etc. During the Innovation Week, Jiangning plans to hold 48 series of activities, among which seven activities are incorporated into the city’s key activities. After combing the “Innovation List”, it is not difficult to find that Jiangning faces the global link to high-end elements of resources. Gradually, Jiangning shot to international stardom in series of innovation activities.

This year, Jiangning District continues to redouble its efforts to increase foreign investment in science and technology, actively reserve and introduce several major innovative results and projects. Up to now, with a total investment of nearly 50 billion yuan, the district has reserved more than 150 projects that are going to be signed during Innovation Week, among which 17 projects worth more than 1 billion yuan have been signed.

To create a strong atmosphere of “universal perception of innovation”, Jiangning District will display more than 370 items of various kinds of black technology, eight major industrial chains, new products and application scenarios in a multi-dimensional and immersive way and set up three offline exhibition points and 33 checkpoints in Longhu Paradise Walk, Jiangning Golden Eagle and other densely populated areas. A never-ending “super party” in Jiangning District is shockingly unveiling.

On banks of the Qinhuai River, sweep the raging waves of innovation; on the Yangtze River banks, appear the inexorable rise of innovation zones! (Correspondent: Chen Tao)

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