From Exploited Receptionist to 6 figure Closer

From Humble Beginnings, Dan Anson graduated from an international hospitality school. Dan Anson always thought that success would come from following a traditional path that society gave him, which was to get promoted and just work a 9 to 5 job. 

Dan Anson was taking data from the wrong people which was leading him towards an average life, without purpose. Dan remembers when he was in East London living in a really tiny room embarrassed to have his friends see where he was living. One of his friends Sasha told him there was no point to stay in London if he was going to live like he was living.

He ended up getting bitten by bed bugs and had to go to the hospital where he lived in a hostel for 2 weeks with sanitized bin bags because no one would host him, not his friends, not even his family. Dan was feeling battered by life and he hit rock bottom. 

Pain fueled him to seek answers. That’s when he found personal development books like “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins and started attending Live Events. Dan started looking into business models that could allow him to travel remotely whilst being financially free with his friends and partner Benedict. 

That’s when they came across Mike Barron and everything changed. Mike is currently considered one of the Top Digital Marketers and Sales Experts in the online world. He is a multimillion-dollar earner who is committed and focused on helping others achieve his level of success. Mike was helping them with scaling their marketing agency.

After some weeks of being a part of Mike’s inner circle training, Dan and his partner shifted their business model from marketing agency owners to Mike Barron’s Closer Agency model.  Mike’s training taught them how to master the skillset of high-ticket sales. In addition, Mike offered them a partnership that they gladly accepted.

Investing In himself, hiring coaches has been the best decision in Dan’s life.  He says if only someone would have told him earlier to invest in Mentors instead of paying for a degree, maybe he could have got financial abundance sooner. 

Dan and his partner have been working with Mike Barron for the last 6 months, and it has completely changed their mindset around money.

They are now out of the matrix… They went from barely making ends meet to making 2000 dollars a day on some days. Since day one on the closer seat, they have been able to generate over 400k in sales with Mike Barron. “Seek the truth and you find it, it will set you free,” says Dan Anson.

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