100 Years of Music and Fashion with a 100 Year Old – Time Travel Through the Decades for Grandpa’s 100th Birthday

100 Years of Music and Fashion with a 100 Year Old - Time Travel Through the Decades for Grandpa’s 100th Birthday

Los Angeles artist, m00nglasses aka Eva Sainte Rose, has made a special Evolution of Music and Fashion Video on TikTok to celebrate her grandfather, Stan’s, 100th birthday. The video shows Stan wearing outfits and dancing to music from each decade of his life. 

The video starts with the centenarian answering a phone call from his granddaughter where she suggests that they go time traveling for his 100th birthday. He agrees and is suddenly transformed into 1920’s garb with a flapper dancing in the background. Throughout the decades, we see many costume and background changes with some reoccurring themes. Who knew that the 1930’s fedora would have a resurgence in popularity during the 2010’s hipster era or that the 1980’s Adidas slides would be so trendy during the 2020’s?

The video pays homage to the significant cultural themes from the last 100 years. After Stan teleports from the speakeasy of the 1920’s, we see labor strikes in the 30’s, soldiers preparing for WWII in the 40s, the Elvis inspired greaser of the 50’s, the British invasion of the 60’s, disco in the 70’s, Jazzercise in the 80’s, Seinfeld in the 90’s, Wordart and cubicle life of the 00’s, millennials at Coachella in the 10’s, and the tie dye bucket hat phenomenon of the 2020’s. 

“My grandpa is my favorite person. He is the most young at heart and jovial human that I’ve ever met. He never lets his age get in the way of having fun,” said the artist.  

The most impressive part of the video is that Stan has actually lived through all of these moments in history. He has listened to Louis Armstrong on a phonograph, he has played the Beatles on a jukebox, he has danced to A-Ha on a walkman, he has downloaded Coldplay on an iPod, and he has streamed Gotye on Spotify. 

Not only is this Time Traveling video a personal tribute from a granddaughter expressing her love and appreciation for her grandfather but it also is a tribute to the music, fashion, and culture of the last 100 years in America. 

M00nglasses is a multidisciplinary artist with experience in graphic design, collage art, illustration, motion graphics, photography, and video art. Her work has been featured in multiple digital art collectives and online magazines like Feltzine, Post Vision, Tax Collection, Friday Magazine etc.

For more information, please visit: www.m00nglasses.com

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