Dr. Clobo Brings Affordable and Accessible Health Care Services with its Specially Designed Oral Camera and Consulting App

Dr. Clobo has established self-health care and advising platform, soon to be launched on Kickstart!

USA – One cannot deny the vital role health and hygiene plays in leading a quality life. However, despite so many qualified professionals and health care services, people still struggle to get their regular checkups done and get their health issues resolved. The pandemic has already made this thing more challenging as people are bound to stay home and avoid getting health checkups for minor health issues. However, ignoring issues such as infections or dental problems, and other ailments can compromise health in the long term. Be it due to high-cost health care services or lack of insurance plans, not visiting doctors will exacerbate the issue at the early stages of the problem and cost more for the treatment later on. Dr. Clobo, a self-health care and advising platform, makes quality oral health care more accessible. Dr. Clobo is launching soon on Kickstarter. With its highly innovative oral camera and consulting app, it bridges the gap between doctors and patients and allows people to seek early consultation to prevent a range of health problems.  

The oral camera and consulting platform have been devised to make oral health care easier, more accessible, more convenient, and more affordable for everyone. The oral camera works by placing inside the mouth to take pictures of the oral cavity. The oral camera is shaped like a toothbrush and is used to take pictures inside the mouth. What’s impressive about this device is that its head can be interchanged with other heads to scan and take images of the nose and ears. The patients can then send pictures and videos to the relevant health professionals on the consulting platform, get diagnoses, and seek early consultation regarding various health problems. Dr. Clobo understands that many people in America avoid visiting the doctor’s or dentist’s office regularly due to high medical costs or time constraints. Hence, Dr. Clobo seeks to make health care more accessible by reducing the time and cost constraints and provide people with quality services at any time of the day.

Dr. Clobo has gathered some of the most qualified medical professionals and health care experts from various fields to provide solutions to peoples’ internal and external problems. Dr. Clobo is launching soon on Kickstarter to gather people who believe in Dr. Clobo’s vision and services. Some benefits of using Dr. Clobo’s oral camera and consulting app include accessing personal dental care records through the app, getting health care information, choosing the healthcare provider as per personal preference before seeking early consultation. In addition to oral care, these services can also be used for the ears, nose, and scalp. To sum it up, with a Dr. Clobo device, there is no reason not to get quality health services and live a fit and healthy life.

About the Company: 

Dr. Clobo is a startup self-health care and advising platform that is launching soon on Kickstarter. The company has designed an oral camera and consulting app and seeks to provide affordable and accessible health care.

Website: www.clobohealth.com

Kickstarter Link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/drclobo/drclobo-self-care-camera

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