Gourmet 212 makes headway in the competitive food market in the United States

Gourmet212 is making headway in the United States market as more consumers express concern over the environmental footprint of their food in the last years. 

“People may have noticed the increasing use of the adjective’ gourmet’ on the menu of just about any restaurant they walk into. From pizzas to burgers to the humble ol’ sandwich, they all seem to get spruced up by slapping this promising label onto the menu description,” a representative said in a statement.

The company’s main retail brand is Gurme212 and Gourmet212. The word ‘Gurme’ is equivalent to ‘Gourmet’ in Turkish. Today, the Gurme212 brand is being used mainly for the company’s ethnic and canned products.

212 is the phone extension code of New York (Manhattan) and Istanbul (European Side), which the company said symbolizes “full of energy.” Its passion comes from its global existence, diversity, and innovation of different cultures and varying world tastes. 

New York and Istanbul as gourmet centers 

With almost 14 million people, Istanbul has rapidly become an international city more than ever before. Featuring a European side to compliment the Asian, it attracts an enormous amount of tourists every year.

Like New York City, Istanbul boasts an international feel combined with exceptional sights to see and a reputation for outstanding hospitality.

With New York’s infrastructure well in place and Istanbul rapidly growing, both cities offer growing investment opportunities. With affordable prices and an eye towards growth, Istanbul is reminiscent of NYC in the early 1980s, when the same energy was on the rise.

Redefining the food industry

Gurme212 products enable people to feel that they are eating something’ gourmet’, natural and tasty as homemade. It features strong tastes coming from the seed selection, where the most crucial source of kitchen, selected seeds, and natural flavor.

The broad definition of gourmet is a person who has a refined taste and enjoys high-quality, well-prepared food. The company co-founder, Askin, has traveled to 53 countries worldwide as of 2019.

By using the opportunity to work as a global account manager for telecom giants (Nokia and ZTE), he traveled the world and visited the best restaurants in each city he stayed with his team.

After eight years of corporation, Gurme212 has carved out a solid space in the market as a growing gourmet brand in three continents. 

The factory specializes in the ecological production of oven semi-dried & sun-dried tomatoes, vegetables and fruits, and other olive and vegetable processing and packing. High-tech machinery allows the products to be produced without human touch, using automation processes in a closed hygienic environment for maximum safety.

Gourmet Food Movement

The Slow Food movement started in Italy in the 1980s, which aimed to highlight the problems with fast food and offer up a healthier, more satisfying alternative. 

In the 2000s, gourmet food started to be popular in different kitchens worldwide. People began to give more importance to what they are eating, including the story of products and ingredients. 

“Questions during that time included, What am I eating? What herbs or oils are used? What kind of meat is that? These querries have pushed the gourmet industry to come out, increasing the demand for gourmet foods globally,” the representative added. 

100% solar-powered, adheres to sustainable farming

Gurme212 has launched the first 100% solar-powered nature caring factory in Turkey. The country is located in an advantageous position in the Middle East and Southeast Europe for solar energy, and the company seized this opportunity for Gurme212 to be the pioneer in such innovation.

Gurme212 said it also pays much attention to quality and food safety, as well as sustainability. Gurme212 Factories have daily controlled waste management, water management, and energy management systems in their facilities. It also has a green factory, a high-performance manufacturing building that provides sustainable development to the ecosystem.

Gurme212 has obtained several certificates to ensure sustainability and high-quality products, including BRC AA Grade, the highest score possible from a scheduled British Retail Consortium audit, and Sedex 4 Pillar, assuring the agency complies with top labor standards, health and safety, environment, and business ethics. 

All product ingredients are also grown or raised according to the USDA’s organic standards. The company has secured an EU organic logo, which means its products are in full conformity with the conditions and regulations for the organic farming sector put up by the European Union.

Gurme212 is also Halal-certified, guaranteeing its products comply with Islamic dietary requirements and for quality and health standards. Its products are certified Kosher as well, which means the company assures consumers that both the actual product and its production adhere to all Kosher Law requirements.

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