The Everything Wiki Company To Add New Moderators To The Platform

Innovative online platform for free, independent content creators, The Everything Wiki Company, announces the opening for moderators across the globe to join the website

The Everything Wiki Company has reiterated their commitment to creating a platform that allows anyone and everyone from any part of the world to contribute to the betterment of humanity and be paid in crypto with the opening of the website for moderators worldwide. In a related development, the platform, which has been described as the upgraded version of Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias, allows reportage on seemingly underrepresented groups, including relatively small companies and public persons, with no restrictions on content.

The internet has been described by many as the best thing since sliced bread. Over the years, the global online population has continued to grow, with the advent of smart mobile devices and the increased access to the internet further helping the growth of the population. Unfortunately, many of the available online platforms have not particularly allowed people to express themselves, ultimately restricting access to fair and accurate information. However, the team at The Everything Wiki Company is looking to change this narrative with the recent decision to add new moderators further substantiating this claim.

Everything|Wiki allows anyone from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, or any other part of the world to be a moderator, with no restrictions to the content offered, as long as they are morally and legally justifiable. New and existing moderators on Everything|Wiki will be paid for creating articles via a crypto coin, with bonus payments for the best and most active moderators based on the ranking and the number of articles created and edited.

Other benefits of being a moderator on Everything|Wiki include the ranking of the biggest moderators on the home page, additional payment for referred orders, and the opportunity to offer article creation as a service outside the Everything|Wiki platform.

As part of the goal of creating an all-inclusive online platform for users worldwide, Everything|Wiki plans to list all stores, restaurants, and businesses around the world, making it easy for their customers to access accurate information about them before ordering. The list will include everything from relatively small bakeries to craftsmen, butchers, restaurants, or any other service provider even in the small villages worldwide.

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