WIMI Hologram’s 4654 IPs Create Naked-Eye Immersive Holographic Digital Entertainment, While VR/AR and 5G Become the ‘Best Combination’

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Hologram’s 4654 IPs Create Naked-Eye Immersive Holographic Digital Entertainment, While VR/AR and 5G Become the ‘Best Combination’”. According to data disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, as of the end of March 2021, China has built 819,000 5G base stations, accounting for more than 70% of the world. The commercialization of 5G policies has directly empowered many vertical industries and opened the era of the Internet of Everything. It is estimated that 5G will drive the added value of other industries to increase by 11.9 trillion yuan from 2020 to 2025, and directly drive the economic added value of 2.93 trillion yuan. It is true that the role of 5G in driving the economy is self-evident.

5G fusion applications are an important engine to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the national economy and society. It is important to accelerate 5G applications and achieve breakthroughs in the depth and breadth of 5G applications in key national areas by 2023. In the 5G era, VR/AR has become the most anticipated application scenario.

How about the VR/AR industry market in China in the 5G era?

In 2016, someone proposed the concept of the VR/AR industry. In 2020, thanks to the implementation of the national 5G policy, VR/AR ushered in a period of recovery and growth in China. The arrival of 5G not only enhances the existing virtual experience, but also expands new application scenarios. The 5G network has a high loading rate and low latency, which enhances the user experience and allows VR applications to flourish. Demands for games, movies, live streaming, and catering are strongly driven. Games, video, and live streaming have not only become current key applications, but VR has also accelerated the empowerment of upstream and downstream industries, and is widely used in retail, manufacturing, education, and health. Among them, in 2018, games accounted for 35.66%, video accounted for 20.32%, and live streaming accounted for 11.22%, making them the top three application areas in the current market.

The improvement of users’ experience of VR products has led to an increase in demand for VR products. The shipments of virtual display terminals are gradually increasing, and the growth rate of AR is more significant. According to IDC statistics, global virtual display terminal shipments in 2020 were approximately 6.3 million units, and VR and AR terminal shipments accounted for 90% and 10% respectively. It is estimated that terminal shipments will exceed 75 million units in 2024, and the proportion of AR will increase to 55%. Meanwhile, the growth rate of virtual display shipments during the five-year period 2020-2024 is about 86%, of which VR and AR will grow by 56% and 188% respectively. It is expected that AR terminal shipments in 2023 are expected to exceed VR.

Obviously, it is easy to see that China’s VR/AR industry has taken off and has a bright future. The landing of VR/AR application scenarios is inseparable from the joining of 5G technology. Through 5G’s fast connection and rapid transmission, high CPU/GPU processing will not consume too much power consumption, which will strongly support the improvement of users’ VR/AR product experience. Overall, the reason why 5G can promote the development of VR/AR applications, in addition to the technical blessing, is that it provides a low-latency immersive experience and brings a unique consumer experience to the audience.

Nowadays, giants such as Facebook and Apple are accelerating their deployment in the VR/AR market and releasing new products. For example, Apple is equipped with an eye-tracking system, Facebook has increased the proportion of investment, South Korea has strengthened platform user maintenance, and Huawei started its VR research and development. In the 5G era, it is not only necessary to see the deployment of technology giants accelerating the development of the VR/AR industry, but also to explore the full picture of the VR/AR industry chain and accurately grasp the development trend of the virtual display industry. At present, a company in China, WIMI Hologram Cloud, has grasped this point and made a strategic layout for VR/AR very early. Data shows that WIMI has been a breakthrough holographic technology startup company since its establishment in 2015, and it has made relevant investment arrangements through financing. More than that, WIMI established the Holographic Academy of Science to carry out industry-research cooperation. It is composed of scientists and engineers to jointly design an innovative holographic ecosystem and is committed to bringing a more real-world holographic VR/AR experience to the consumer market.

What is the layout of WIMI Hologram Cloud’s VR/AR?

WIMI has always provided AR-based holographic services and products to meet customer needs, focusing on providing innovative and immersive interactive holographic VR/AR experiences for customers and end-users. In addition to its self-built team, WIMI recruits software and hardware talents in the VR/AR field. On the one hand, it will start to lay out the AR/VR hardware equipment market, and on the other hand, it will lay out VR content production and content operation, and the layout will be in the direction of content IP manufacturing plus content operation. With the help of rapidly expanding industry market scale, good user reserves, and advanced R&D capabilities, WIMI obtains core advantages and multi-directional layout of VA/AR business.

WIMI has a comprehensive holographic IP rights content library, and the format of virtual holographic content covers from 3D models to holographic virtual products. WIMI has a total of 4,654 holographic virtual IP rights content, creating naked-eye immersive holographic digital entertainment, which can be used in WIMI’s holographic AR products and solutions, covering a wide range of categories, including holographic animation, virtual live streaming, virtual idols, and virtual social. Among them, 2961 are used for educational scenes, 851 are used for tourism, 739 are used for art and entertainment, and 103 are used for popular science. In addition, WIMI’s content library is enriched with copyrighted content licensed from third parties. WIMI cooperates with various content owners to transform high-quality IP into holographic virtual products, so as to improve the operation system of the WIMI Hologram IP ecosystem. WIMI will provide Chinese users with the above-mentioned holographic virtual products with its own IP rights, and realize the development of holographic virtual product rights and interests for users nationwide through the platform system docking mode.

According to incomplete statistics, from 2020 to 2025, the annual growth rate of WIMI holographic AR software and content will be 68.7%, and the annual growth rate of AR hardware will be 67.9%. WIMI announced that it has obtained a patent for a holographic AR head-mounted display. The patent uses retinal scanning display (RSD) and semi-permeable film array slab waveguide technology. The head-mounted display optical system is used to digitalize the output of the holographic AR image source and holographically image it in the user’s field of vision using a head-mounted display optical system. The patented immersive head-mounted AR display technology has the advantages of the large field of view, low power consumption, wearable, modular, three-dimensional display, and a high degree of customization. In the future, it will be widely used in telemedicine, industrial construction, environmental simulation, traffic instructions, and holographic communication, 3D printing, and other aspects.

At the same time, WIMI has further achieved results and announced that it has obtained a patent for a 3D holographic pulse laser processing device for optical holography, and successfully produced a 3D holographic pulse laser radar product “WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR”, further expanding the company’s holographic product portfolio matrix. WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR is a multifunctional holographic pulse lidar sensor with a large detection field of view, long detection distance, unique scanning mode, small size, and lightweight. With its own point cloud interface, no additional connection adapter box is required during operation. The WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR solution provides software development kits that match the hardware products, including target detection, classification, and counting functions. With the rapid development of intelligent robots, unmanned driving, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other industries, the lidar market will grow substantially.

Is WIMI’s VR/AR further gaining momentum?

The VR/AR experience of WIMI wants to create a more immersive spatial entertainment experience for the audience. Whether it is creating 4654 IP content, or providing holographic AR head-mounted displays, 3D holographic pulse lidar product solutions, WIMI is always starting from the audience’s needs, immersing the audience in the virtual world of digital vision, and enabling them to obtain an immersive three-dimensional stereo audiovisual image and interactive experience. 

WIMI created a full immersion in an advanced virtual simulation environment surrounded by stereo projection screens, using naked-eye 3D, 360-degree immersive digital virtual technology to display rich content, including a variety of interesting interactive games. The audience can use their body to interact with the content in the projection screen, breaking through the limitations of physical space, bringing an unusual effect of advertising and entertainment, and presenting a vivid virtual world to the audience.

The 5G era has arrived, technology giants are accelerating their deployment in the VR/AR industry, and the driving force of user demand has strengthened. The Chinese government has also issued favorable policies for the VR/AR industry to escort the development of the VR/AR industry. Companies such as WIMI Hologram Cloud will make arrangements in advance to break through the limits and rely on advanced R&D capabilities and other core advantages. Perhaps WIMI will present unexpected surprises.

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