Antrow Launches New Conversion Engine to “Speed up” Migration of MS-Access Database to Mobile Applications and Websites

The new conversion engine ensures Antrow’s MS-Access migrations are faster and become functional in less than five days after conversion is complete

Microsoft Access is a database management system that long ago became outdated. Although Access still enjoys wide popularity among many business owners, it was designed for an era in which Windows used GUI widgets. Now, many customers and business owners find it hard to use and time-consuming. This has led to the use of web apps and websites to carry out the same purposes as the Microsoft software.

Attempting to move an earlier database to a Website or Web App, formatting, data integrity, or online integration can be impossible. Not all programs are powerful enough – and if one needs to do this for thousands of tables – it could take months. To overcome the backdrop of moving the MS-Access database to websites and apps, Antrow is thrilled to announce its new conversion engine, which is designed to speed up the migration of the MS-Access database.

“With our new conversion engine, we can now ‘speed’ migrate MS Access applications and have them online within five working days,” says Jeff Barlow, Head Programmer at Antrow. “We also convert MS-Access application to a browser-based web application that can be accessed from anywhere on any device,” He added.

Some of the benefits of the Antrow migration software include

  • Conversion of all existing data to a Microsoft SQL server
  • Conversion of Exports, Forms, and Reports one by one following a new modern design
  • Hosting of web applications in the Cloud or via local platforms
  • Provision of multi-language websites translating pages, labels, and contents to local languages to enhance UX
  • Design of applications on Microsoft latest technologies and much more.

The rebranded Antrow MS-Access migration software is the perfect tool for companies who need old MS-Access database, either turning them into websites or web applications. Another valuable feature of the software is that it is cost-effective and does not require Microsoft licensing. Organizations and brands who use the Antrow software will not need to give their users an MS Office license for access.

About Antrow

Antrow Software has over 15 years of experience in migrating MS-Access database to complete functional online web applications and websites. The Germany-based company are proud to have helped over 500 customers to bring their MS-Access databases online on the web.

For more information about Antrow and its services, please visit or send an email to [email protected]

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