Transforming Spaces with Interior Design Services

Many homeowners have properties with untapped potential. Knowing how to turn that from fiction to reality is another matter entirely.

A structured and creative approach to interior design can work miracles for even the dullest or smallest spaces. While the concepts of structure and creativity are often at odds with one another, a good interior designer can combine the best of both worlds. This is achieved with harnessing emphasis, variety, unity, functionality, and materiality.

Emphasis involves making sure each area of a room gets the right level of attention, and no corners are left to be dark and dingy. Variety keeps the eye guessing, but unity ensures everything is in harmony with one another. Functionality means everything is practical, suited to the space, and is in line with the client’s priorities for their property. And materiality is like cooking – any chef is only as good as their ingredients – and the same applies to interior designers. Incorporating as many natural resources as possible into a space will be sure to make it surpass expectations.

If this sound a lot to fit into one room, working with a specialized interior designer can help you blend all the elements seamlessly. Melissa Engelke of Tulsa, OK-based Melissa Engelke Design told us how she works with her clients to create elegant, luxury and functional spaces out. “A lot of our clients first come to us knowing they want to make improvements to their home, but not knowing how to do go about it. With that as a brief, we can look at the space and budget available and create a set of visuals for the customer to pick from”.

“Sometimes a client will give us some guidance on what they need most. This can be anything from more kitchen space to a separate study area for working at home. Whatever the brief, we relish the challenge of making our clients’ homes amazing for them to enjoy or to increase the value prior to a sale”.

Homeowners and property managers in Tulsa and Midtown can quickly re-work any type of space into something they can be proud of. “Whether the customer has a more modernist, traditionalist or transitional taste, our expert professionals work with them from the ground up to create the transformation. From the initial design consultation through to material selection and installation, our results never disappoint.”

By using a professional interior designer, the effects on a home can be immense. “From creating completely new spaces to providing an elegant and sophisticated edge to existing rooms, the results can be surreal. I enjoy taking the best from different interior design styles to blend traditional and modern in ways that utilize every inch of a space” added Ms. Engelke.

Customers looking to get started with Melissa Engelke Design can get started with a free initial consultation. During this session, a professional interior designer will analyze every aspect of the project and run through options. From there, the client will be presented with a number of scenarios to balance their taste, budget and requirements as closely as possible.

About Melissa Engelke Design

Melissa Engelke Design is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based interior design studio. Led by award-winning designer Melissa Engelke, the studio specializes in incorporating different styles, designs and materials to create stunning new spaces. New customers are offered a free initial consultation session to frame requirements and create a brief, before Melissa Engelke Design put their expertise to work.

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