Martínez, Kathleen O’Connor Of Startup Venture Takes On the US Blockchain Market

Passionate female tech elite, Martínez, Kathleen O’Connor, sets her sight on a new venture as she looks to stun the blockchain market in the US.

Singapore foreign scholar, Martínez, Kathleen O’Connor, looks set to conquer new territories in the US fintech market, as she takes her passion for pushing boundaries and challenging the status to the country’s evolving blockchain space. In a related development, Kathleen is reportedly in talks with investors in San Francisco and coders in New York to level up Startup Venture using her ideas and codes as the company plans to release their phase 2 development apps and website. 

“To move to the US after living in Singapore for almost 19 years is going to be challenging. I’m preparing myself not to be easily accepted by competitors and some people. But hey, nobody grows from comfort zone so I have taken responsibility for my insecurity and face the challenges. I’m not attracted to money alone but I am building a company for the next generations of my family and as well as my partners’ family. I owed gratitude to Singaporean mentors for developing my character, skills and social manners. I have leveled up my startup game because of them.” said Kathleen.  

According to Kathleen, investing in fintech is a passion that is driven by the hunger to learn deep technology and the ambition to be one of few female disruptors to succeed in the dynamic industry. Kathleen is known for being talented, a hard coder, down-to-earth and purpose-driven. Before the lockdown in Singapore, she spent a year planning on how to build a fintech startup and discovered herself building a PC briefcase, a personalized computer with servers to use for her work. 

The lockdown came with its benefits as she used the time to build an encrypted server, code, and study a course in Financial Markets & Trading conducted by Yale University online while day trading in stocks and crypto. Upon the completion of her continuing education, she is ready to take on new challenges in the fintech industry. 

According to her investment consultant and PR manager, “due to the pandemic and work commitment, Kathleen is restricted to socialize. We have to be selective of her collaboration with the tech community. She is scheduled to have interviews with the local press and national broadcasting channels press from east coast to west coast and as well as northern America. She will also support the state community in the US. It is going to be hectic but she is handling the pressure gracefully and staying focus. She has a strong mental and emotional and is destined for this opportunity. If she continues to have this positive attitude, we won’t be surprised if her name will be in line with tech elites someday. 

Martínez‘s venture combined with her shares and the projected company valuation could reach $5 million by the end of 2021, with a projected valuation of $50 million in less than 3 years. Her humility, homeliness, and simple nature endear the tech leader and entrepreneur to everyone, including her team and clients. The company is open for investment opportunity, please reach to [email protected] 

Startup Venture apps are currently available on Google Play and the Apple Store for users of Android and iOS devices.  

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