Live broadcasting to win awards, 618 BSD premises enjoyment on June 18th

618 is coming,Is the shopping cart full? Coupons and cross-store coupons are pouring in.

An atmosphere of tension and joy,a thrill in the blood and purse.Merchants offer endless discounts. Involved countless customers to place their orders.But is this item in your shopping cart a must buy. This 618 is not profligate for purchasing home appliance.

“BSD 618 carnival house purchasement festival” is landing. Start the national revelry,there are only deals beyond your imagination,There are no benefits that you can’t “enjoy”.grateful discounts, grab scarce housing. All kinds of full reduction, sharing, seckilling on the whole network, as the saying goes, it’s not as good as to get some “affordable”, then join BSD Huairou house purchasement festival.

Following 529, we have again shocked the assembly, set off Huairou house buying carnival, in order to reward new and old customers, we have held a special 618 live broadcasting carnival house buying festival with unprecedented welfare for 8 major gifts.

In this chopping day,cut out big gifts for yourself and your family,with strength and vision.

Buy the house you like best, Welcome to the wonderful life at the best price and full benefits.

Stay indoors and wait for the surprise to come by. On June 18th, our two marketing directors will open the ultimate flash sale together with mysterious giants! The “dialogue” directly with the better life will help you to interpret the nice prospect of buying a house in Huairou professionally through online live broadcasting and set off a real house buying festival without routine. More unlimited surprises are coming, online “BUY” house, what are you waiting for?

Lucky draw gift, house purchase discount gift, first order gift, subscription gift, surprise mystery gift bag, visit gift, new customer gift, opening gift, etc.

Love Huairou, live in BSD

Huairou has been carrying part of Beijing’s responsibility of building a national cultural center, international communication center and scientific and technological innovation center. At the same time, it has attracted a large number of intellectuals to work and live here. It is imperative to upgrade the living quality, so we have bravely undertaken the responsibility for the reform of human settlements.

With the curtain of Beijing’s first concentrated land auction, it means that the era of Huairou housing price of 40,000+ has arrived. Nowadays, We have sent a gift to Huairou continuously in six premises, making the house return to live itself, providing a home that truly satisfies demand for Huairou people.

We have deeply involved in Huairou for 7 years with six premises, including an international science and technology innovation center and five full-age residential products, so as to meet the housing needs of all buyers.

Six premises for having fun on 618

It is worth noting that, from just need to improve, from Chinese style house to tourism vacation, from science and technology office to high-end apartment, the six premises will cover a variety of current housing needs.

Among them, the BSD waterfront Yanqi and Guanlan villa are the only pure low density villa community in the core area of Huairou International Club. It is a place of spiritual attachments and dream community with mountains and rivers surrounded by an ecological and livable environment, a colorful world block, rich and colorful community activities, sincere friends who share the same love for life, and a truly free life.

BSD · Jade Noble House and Jade Royal House are the high-end “mansion” products. It is the first year of superior residential improvement in Huairou, and the non-replicable landscape mansion is created by integrating the local regional culture.

BSD Huairou International Science and Technology Innovation Center integrates business office, shopping center, business hotel and exclusive residential buildings into one, so as to create a high-quality open park integrating science and technology, education, finance and innovation.

The bugle call for a house buying spree has sounded. Carnival Home Buying Festival from June 18-21, special accommodation during the activity. You can save tens of thousands more than peacetime! As for saving money, you can pay off your mortgage for a few months, or you can buy a new car. If you’re self-willed, you can also load up the loot you’ve bought into your home.

What are you waiting for? Action is better than motivation! Come on at 618, own a house of your own!

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