A Black Author Teaches Diversity In His New Children’s Book Who is Santa Claus

Passionate self-publishing author, William Hardaway, releases a new book titled “Who is Santa Claus,” a children’s book about Santa’s rumored retirement and his successor to promote diversity and fairness

William Hardaway has announced the preorder of Who is Santa Claus, a children’s book recently written to help parents have early conversations about race and diversity from a more interesting perspective. The book is particularly unique as it was written based on a story told by the author to his daughters over the last few Christmases. 

I have facilitated prejudice reduction and welcoming diversity workshops for well over 10 years with mostly adults. Many of them tell me it is their first time talking about race. I feel that conversation should happen sooner,” said William Hardaway. 

The world is currently battling with lots of issues surrounding the subjects of race, diversity, and equality. Over the years, several initiatives have been created to promote justice and fairness as much as possible to help build a more equitable society worldwide. Unfortunately, a majority of the programs seem to be more focused on adults, ultimately leaving the younger generations to somehow imbibe the spirit of togetherness without any deliberate effort to teach them. However, William Hardaway seems to have other ideas, a claim substantiated with the release of Who is Santa Claus. 

The children’s book makes for a captivating read for all age groups, as the author explores the public outcry following an announcement of the retirement of Santa and the rumor to have named a successor that looks different.  

The goal of the writer is to encourage parents to engage their kids in discussions about diversity at a very tender age, ultimately helping them to imbibe the principles of togetherness and fair treatment of every individual, irrespective of age, gender, or color. 

Who is Santa Claus is now available for pre-order, with shipping scheduled to begin on November 1st, perfectly timed for the holiday season. 

For more information about Who is Santa Claus and how to pre-order, visit - https://www.willgo.io/shop. 

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