Pharaon Logistics Fights Back to Continue Serving America on Time

Pharaon Logistics Fights Back to Continue Serving America on Time

Adam Sabbagh, CEO, at The Pharaon Logistics, New York

This is a unique era in people’s lives. COVID-19 was a massive, devastating “pause button” that appeared to bring the world to a halt more than a year ago. But Pharaon never stepped away or stood down. 

Logistics is the foundation of world commerce. It plays a vital role in all facets of everyone’s daily lives. With this in mind, the goal is to establish The Pharaon Logistics as an unrivaled leader and influence in the logistics industry.

As a subsidiary of the Pharaon Group, Pharaon Logistics operates one of the largest fleets of transport and logistics services in the United States. As a fully integrated transportation and logistics provider, they manage end-to-end daily logistics projects for a client base throughout the mainland 48 states. Working across sectors, they develop customized broad-based coordination strategies to reduce costs while maintaining timetables. Their unique approach provides a complete end-to-end logistics solution.

Pharaon Logistics assists companies, established organizations, and rising leaders in responding to complex challenges and identifying business development opportunities. They develop and implement creative, efficient, and long-term strategies to move goods across the US to assist clients in meeting market and industrial demand.

The purpose is to deliver value to clients’ supply chains at every stage. The aim has always been to concentrate on the clients’ logistics needs and challenges. Pharaon Logistics collaborates with clients to provide creative logistics solutions that ensure end users are happy customers. Logistics manages the overall process of the acquisition, storage, and transportation of resources to their final destination. This systematic approach allows them to generate value across the entire supply chain, reducing complexity and ensuring an efficient flow of goods.

Pharaon Logistics’ responsibility is to oversee and manage these resources as they are handled and moved along the supply chain. The clients and their customers depend on Pharaon Logistics.

Pharaon Logistics is dedicated to work tirelessly to provide logistics and transport facilities that provide value for their clients, retailers, staff and stakeholders despite all the obstacles. They work diligently, intelligently and with much concern for the welfare of the team, partners and the general public.

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