2021 BruntWork Review. Remote teams set up in record time

Leading outsourcing company helping SMEs set up work from home teams in the Philippines.

Harris Farm (an Australian supermarket chain) managed to quadruple their customer support team in 14 days using BruntWork’s service recently. Organisations that have reached a critical point where local teams can’t support growth should consider hiring remote teams to overcome their internal resource constraints. BruntWork is a global outsourcing company that specialises in setting up remote teams for companies globally.

Remote teams can be aligned specifically to strategic business imperatives or outcomes. Work from home teams offer more cost flexibility with the reliability of an in-house team and the high costs. These teams fit into existing company culture and structure easily. Because of this, remote teams provide organisations with the reliability of an established team, without the overheads associated with full-time employees.

BruntWork has built an incredible business around the establishment of remote teams. They have a robust HR process which surfaces the best candidates and they can usually install teams of fewer than 100 heads within 2 weeks.

One key initiative that BruntWork has developed to ensure remote teams are successful are their “rules of engagement”: BruntWork uses videoconferencing for daily check-in meetings, and tools like Slack & Skype to ensure that remote workers are contactable and accountable. Also BruntWork let’s its employees know the best way and time to reach their clients during the workday. Their management team keeps an eye on communication among team members (to the extent appropriate), to ensure that they are sharing information as needed.

Companies that are considering outsourcing should reach out to BruntWork, a leading outsourcing company that can help you scale up quickly and affordably.

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