Remus Varga unveils his hidden marketing frameworks seeking to help revive small businesses and the US economy.

After 4 years of testing what’s working and what’s not and generating over $20M in sales for his clients, Remus reveals the easy-to-use templates he uses for getting more customers for his clients’ businesses. He hopes that more small business owners will take advantage of them and get the word out there!

The frameworks serve as a DIY starting point for every owner that runs his business on a shoestring budget. Having experienced bankruptcy due to the lack of proper marketing, Remus is now on a mission to uncover what he discovered after spending over $1M on ads.

“I had this small juice shop downtown. The rent was sky high, so I considered the foot traffic would be the same even if I lacked proper marketing. That couldn’t be further from the truth… I can still remember after 7 months how desperate I was… I had no idea why I can’t even cover my rent. I was almost crying when closing (at 9 pm). The worst thing was that I wasn’t able to pinpoint what exactly I was doing wrong. It felt like I was dragged into this mess full of overhead expenses and debt.” – Remus, now turned Marketing Agency owner, said as he was telling the story of how it all started for him. He later added that he faced a similar situation when starting his freelancing career but learned how to overcome it.

Since then, he helped hundreds of businesses get more sales and more repeated customers. 

Why the need for a framework 

There are almost 30 million small businesses in the United States, generating about 50 percent of the GDP. They also contribute to our economic and socioeconomic development.

In plain English, this means that if they’re gone, the United States of America’s economy would be cut in half!

Remus Varga said the templates he reveals are backed up by his experience in the marketing field and tested on hundreds of different businesses. Even though he does not believe in one size fits all approaches, using them would give the entrepreneur the much-needed boost in sales.

Unveiling his proprietary frameworks, Remus explained, is part of his company’s efforts to support small business owners during these challenging times.

A client-centered marketing agency

After bankrupting his brick & mortar store due to poor marketing (or lack of), Remus started a quest to find how he could help other owners avoid that experience. 

He started working with high ticket clients and big companies. Every marketing guy’s dream clients. But he soon realized that he went off-course. 

“When I started my marketing journey, I was after the big fishes. Previously working for BMW and Microsoft, I knew those clients always pay on time and have almost unlimited budgets. But after 2 years, I quickly realized that my heart was somewhere else. I wanted to help the underdogs. The ones that almost no one knows about though everyone should. I still work with some of the big names today. But my focus is now on small businesses. Not only do they keep our economy alive, but it’s also way more fun and exciting because I get to work directly with the owner in most cases,” Remus Varga explained. 

He said that while the frameworks he unveiled are designed to get every business to become ad-profitable during the first 30 days of implementation, he also offers uniquely customized solutions for business owners looking to outsource their marketing efforts.

All his packages are tax-deductible to help the businesses even more, plus they vary in price, so it’s affordable even for the Mom-and-Pop Pizza place around the block or the freelancer who just started out his online venture. And they go up in price and value as the business scales. 

“I don’t believe in two things: quick money and general solutions that try to fix customized problems. But I believe in experience and testing. Thus you can start with our frameworks and become profitable. Once you do, you’ll also get comfortable with spending more money on marketing, and you can think about outsourcing and scaling,” Remus said. 

Over the years, Remus and his agency have helped hundreds of businesses reach a total of over $20M in sales, create a loyal customer base, and helped the owners leave a happier life.

Remus Varga has revolutionized marketing for small businesses in the United States by eliminating the enormous monthly costs associated with agencies and replacing them with affordable, no long-term contracts pricing plans.

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