Best-Selling Author Tenesa Mobley Turns Up the Heat this Summer with Highly Anticipated Book of Poetry

Tenesa Mobely is no stranger to winning. Although the pandemic proved to be a difficult year for most; Tenesa found a positive way to channel her thoughts through not 1 but 2 Best-selling book titles. Pray Slay and Collect; a collaborative book project with other beautiful successful Queens and her first solo release entitled:  Power of You.

Now, Tenesa digs deeper this summer with her titillating new book entitled: Guilty Pleasure. This is a collection of erotic and sensual poetry. When asked, Tenesa states that she has been writing erotic poetry since her early twenties. She was inspired to do this book because she wanted people to feel free knowing that intimacy can be a beautiful thing when shared between you and your significant other. Feeling free to explore pleasure and passion through intimate gratification.

Tenesa states, “In no means am I encouraging people to go out and have random intimate connections. However, if you do; be sure to enjoy it with the one you love and the one you’re with. The world is evolving so much.  Also with some couples being complacent or “unhappy” in the bedroom it’s a nice way to spice up the relationship. I hope the readers enjoy and can take away a since of being free with no judgment.”

What’s Next For Tenesa?

I’m focused on my continued growth as a person and with God. Another book is possible within the next year. I would like to become comfortable with public speaking and growing my nonprofit organization The Power of You. My books can be purchased on and I can be reached by email [email protected] [email protected] On FB @Tenesa Mobley & on IG @Msmobley1.

I’m from Eutaw (Greene County) Al and the proud mother of one child Jaylon and one grandson Osiris. I currently reside in North Fulton County Ga. My ultimate goal is to be a blessing to others just as God has blessed me.

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