Commonly Used Methods Of Keeping Food Fresh In Refrigerators

Refrigerators (freezers) are essential refrigeration equipment for convenience stores, supermarkets, and farmer’s markets, which provide various functions for people. The refrigerators play a role in cooling fruits and beverages to reach the eating and drinking optimal temperature, enriching the taste of people’s diet, and stimulating taste buds. In addition, supermarket refrigerators and other commercial grade refrigerators also play an important role in preserving fresh meat, vegetables, cooked food, and other foods, making food storage longer. So what are the common fresh-keeping methods in refrigerators?


1. Pay attention to the refrigeration temperature and cooling time of the food

Generally, the commonly used refrigerator’s temperature range is between 0~10℃, and in this temperature range, there will still be some bacteria that slowly multiply and accelerate the deterioration of food. In commercial supermarket refrigerators, the refrigerating temperature can be as low as -2°C, which can provide a relatively safe storage environment for food materials. Generally, the temperature of the fruit and vegetable display cooler should be controlled at about 0℃, and the staff should be stored in separate warehouses as much as possible so that the fruits and vegetables can be stored for a longer time. Fresh meat should be placed in a fresh meat cabinet whose temperature should be controlled to above -18℃ to avoid the growth of microorganisms, while cooked food should be placed in a deli showcase with a temperature range of 2-8℃.

2. How to keep fresh food

1) Cooked food must be cooled thoroughly before putting it in the freezer

If the food is not sufficiently cooled and suddenly enters a low-temperature environment, the food center is prone to qualitative changes. The hot air brought by the food causes the condensation of water vapor, which can promote the growth of mold and cause the food in the refrigerator to become moldy.

2) Don’t wash vegetables, meat, fruits before putting them in the refrigerator

Because the stuff originally has a “protective film”, if the “protective film” on the surface is washed off, it will help microorganisms to invade the food.

If there is dirt on the surface of the fruit, wipe it with a cloth before putting it in the refrigerator.

3) Fresh meat and seafood must be sealed and stored in a freezer.

If the fresh meat and seafood are not stored properly, they can easily be infected by bacteria and cause deterioration. Therefore, they need to be sealed and packaged in the fresh meat cabinet for frozen storage.

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