Cyferd’s MXDP Achieves Healthcare Digital Transformation for the NHS

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted the way that we view healthcare in the United Kingdom. From mass testing to a large-scale vaccine rollout across the country, the NHS has had to rapidly mobilise to adapt to a changing digital healthcare landscape and the difficulties that the pandemic has caused.

This means that healthcare technology has never been more important. Now, more than ever, healthcare providers need easy and effective solutions for everyday conditions. Companies operating in the field of health are crucial to digital transformation in healthcare, so that the NHS can help and protect people nationwide.

Cyferd employs a single Dynamic Data Layer and low-code user interface to simplify business solutions for medical staff, so that they can communicate and convey data more efficiently. Innovating a single layer of data means that NHS enterprises can access all of their web apps within the same cloud system, rather than deal with bulky legacy databases or constrained data silos.

How can Cyferd innovate healthcare digital transformation?

No-Code/Low-Code Development: Healthcare professionals need to be able to have an accessible way to reach data solutions without having a coding background. Cyferd maximises flexibility and uses a drag-and-drop system so that everyone can access data equally.

End-to-End Encryption: Cyferd uses military-grade security with BlackBerry technology to ensure sensitive files like patient records and vaccine files are kept secure.

Intelligent Navigation: Dealing with time-sensitive information, such as A&E waitlists or Covid-19 contact tracing, time is of the essence. Cyferd’s machine learning and AI capabilities ensure a fast, seamless flow of information between apps.

With Cyferd, every aspect of a healthcare business can be part of an interconnected system. Cyferd handles the process so that businesses can find smarter solutions faster. Cyferd’s efficient platform allows for accessible data solutions for everyone, transforming the way that providers are able to seamlessly combine healthcare and digital transformation.

Cyferd. One Platform. One Data Layer. Any Solution.

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