Pest Control Fort Lauderdale Launches Preventative Measures Against Subterranean Termite Infestation

EC Pest Control can apply soil pre-treatment measures that help to prevent termite infestation in new construction. The soil is treated with a termite barrier before concrete is poured.

East Coast Pest Control is pleased to announce that the pest control Fort Lauderdale company has the products and methods to pre-treat the soil before concrete is poured at a new residential or commercial building site. Owner Bob has been dedicated to the residents throughout the service area of South Florida during his entire career in pest control. The family-owned and operated business has a service portfolio that provides useful pest control, removing and eradicating several different types of unwanted pests.

An infestation of termites Fort Lauderdale residents face can cost structural damage each year. Damages can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars if the infestation is not controlled. It is far more sensible to take appropriate measures to prevent the pests from gaining a foothold. The company is licensed to perform pre-treatment throughout the entire State of Florida.

The rodent removal Fort Lauderdalemethodsare safe in areas where there are children or pets. Removal of a colony of mice or rats is important for health and safety reasons. They can cause extensive damage to the structure of the building because of their burrowing and gnawing. They also contaminate more food than they consume, as much as one hundred times the food they eat. The services of a professional exterminator protect against the disease and damages caused by rodents — the damages to businesses caused by rodent problems in the United States amount to millions of dollars annually.

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Wildlife trapping Fort Lauderdaleprofessionals safely remove a variety of unwanted wildlife creatures. These include mice, squirrels, rats and raccoon pests. The home or business owner does not need to worry about rodent sightings when EC Pest Control is on the job. Regular inspections will help the owner be sure that the pests have been efficiently and safely removed.

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East Coast Pest Control offers state-of-the-art methods and products to control, eliminate or remove wildlife and various pests. The methods are safe and effective. The workers are experienced and certified to operate their tools and equipment. 

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