Ethiopian Immigrant, 23-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur Fanuel Kebede Reveals Inspiring Journey

Fanuel Kebede is, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Maryland, has come a long way, having completely changed his life from a broke high-school student who was juggling multiple jobs to creating multi-million dollars businesses. Fanuel Kebede is professional Shopify drop-shipper, entrepreneur, CEO, philanthropist, and certified French Bulldog lover. 

The story of Fanuel Kebede is inspiring and a testimony to the power of hard work and determination. His rise to the top is filled with ups and downs, and he’s seen it all. Today, he is considered to be a brand himself and often helps other businesses to be successful.  

“I have always believed in me and never gave up. Even on the worst days, when I was this close to giving up, I pushed myself to stay positive and just followed my instincts”, said Fanuel Kebede. 

Fanuel Kebede made his first million online at the age of 19. He used the dropshipping business to generate money online by buying products. Dropshipping is a popular retail fulfilling method where it completely cuts down any cost of inventory or warehouse for the online store owner. He sources products from other manufacturers and sells them online. 

Today, e-commerce offers the best opportunity and is perfect for anyone who wants to take control of their time and make money from home. Even for someone who’s completely inexperienced, e-commerce business might just work for them, like it did for Fanuel Kebede. An immigrant from Ethiopia, today Fanuel Kebede is living the life of his dreams. 

“When the majority of people start and they face some failure, they give up. That’s the worst thing to do. The trick here is to be consistent. There’ll be roadblocks, but one must never lose hope. If I can do it, anyone can do it”, said the 23-year-old millionaire entrepreneur.  

From being a dog bather and working crazy hours to now living a life of luxury, the story of Fanuel Kebede will inspire millions.

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