Become A Part of Everything|Wiki Community As A Moderator To Contribute, Educate & Get Rewarded

Become A Part of Everything|Wiki Community As A Moderator To Contribute, Educate & Get Rewarded
Everything|Wiki is currently offering an opportunity for everyone to become a moderator to contribute in any way to help build this vast database of articles. In addition, the platform will reward active moderators in multiple ways!

The world is becoming more and more connected. People are discovering the power of the internet to find information on any topic imaginable. At the same time, there is an increasing number of websites with different goals and intentions popping up all over the web. So what does one do when they want to obtain knowledge that is not available on mainstream encyclopedias dedicated to offering information about a person, place, ideas, and companies of a specific stature and qualities? Unfortunately, there has been no platform to publish and share information about anything that they want for too long. There are many other platforms with different topics, but none allows users to post about everything.

To solve this problem and to empower everyone, be it an individual or a company, regardless of the size, popularity, or any other parameter, introduce themselves to the world and help people obtain information at a single platform, Everything|Wiki was created. It is an emerging online platform where everyone can learn and exchange information about anything legal and moral, from public persons to small enterprises, places or animals to items, theories, business ideas, and more. Moreover, it promises an upgraded “Wikipedia-style” website where writing enthusiasts can share knowledge as contributors, and users can read, comment and rate articles to create an authoritative database.

The website doesn’t belong to any person or company, but it’s a community of independent, free moderators and supporters who want to add to the common good of humanity. Everything|Wiki strives to bring consumers and service providers to a single place and help them benefit from each other by communicating information and swapping feedback. As the first platform of its kind, Everything|Wiki offers an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate in any way to develop this extensive database of articles. The website grants everyone free memberships so that the users can upgrade pages, submit articles, and get compensated.

The creative minds behind this brilliant idea are looking for moderators interested in creating and upgrading the information on the website; however, the moderators are instructed to adhere to strict guidelines to maintain the authenticity and format of the information on the website. The more high-quality edits and submission a moderator make, the higher up on the ranking list they will be-and with it comes remuneration from Everything|Wiki! Top moderators and writers will be invited to write articles for the platform and also get paid for it separately in USD or EUR apart from the website’s rewarding method. This site needs help from moderators in every small or big place. Everyone can be a moderator.

This website is for everyone and has listings of businesses worldwide – from Asia to Africa to every corner of the globe. The plan is to have everything listed so that consumers can read about any company before engaging with them. It could even be a small bakery in a village, a butcher in Europe, a shop, webshop, website, service, restaurant, hotel all across the globe. The organizations or public persons can advertise on their profiles and, for instance, distribute discount promotions and pass them on to their consumers. This is an excellent opportunity to get the voice heard and be part of something bigger. Signup for a free membership today.

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