Dawn Publishing Introduces Brand New Author, Jake Cosme, With a Cutting Edge Personal Development Story

Los Angeles, CA, USA – June 18, 2021 – Dawn Publishing will be releasing another cutting edge book, introducing brand new author, Jake Cosme. The Recipe: A US Marine’s Mindset for Success is the first book authored by Cosme, describing his military journey.

From his initial desire to enter the military, Cosme takes his readers through his Marine’s training, deployment, along with the dark struggles of depression, alcoholism, and drugs upon his return. Most importantly, Cosme details how he pulled himself out of his rock bottom, developing his own recipe for success.

The Recipe: A US Marine’s Mindset for Success, is internationally available for pre-order on 16 June, with a full release on 30 June, 2021. Cosme is publishing his story in hopes that his experience will inspire the veteran community and those feeling disconnected from support. By kicking his own bad habits, his breakthrough encourages his readers that your darkest days are not the end. Sharing the dark side of his personal development journey will create an honest conversation within the Veteran community.

The Recipe: A US Marine’s Mindset for Success is a contribution to all who have served, who have been hurt. This is not a book about leadership examples from a combat deployment or a self-righteous attitude of being the best at everything, nor is it some book on war stories. This book is about growth, failure, change and ultimately adapting your mindset. This is US Marine’s Mindset for Success. This is THE Recipe.

Cosme says, “Victimhood is the fastest-growing career field in America, creating a culture where the ability to be offended is so rampant, it shuts down growth, creativity, and positivity. We are so willing to judge and vilify those who have not had the guidance we have been blessed with. This book is my contribution to those who need it but don’t have anyone to ask. This book is a contribution to all who have served their country”.

In addition to educating and advising through his writing, Cosme is also sharing his story by speaking to groups. With a focus on high schools and prisons, Cosme aims to give hope to those in need of direction and guidance. He currently works with veterans, youth groups, young and repeat offenders, helping them to find new paths for their futures.

On working with Cosme in publishing his book, international publisher Dawn Bates says, “Jake’s book was a welcome relief on the understanding of the mindset of a US Marine. Calling out the ‘poor me’ mentality sweeping across the globe, He gives us all new and refreshing perspectives on leading and having the courage to follow our dreams. Jake’s book will reignite the fire within, regardless of how long we have been in the personal development and leadership industry.”

To pre-order The Recipe: A US Marine’s Mindset for Success, visit https://dawnbates.com/jakecosme.

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