Passionate athlete Dan Martin Paul is pumped up to bring a wave of change in the fitness industry

Passionate athlete Dan Martin Paul is pumped up to bring a wave of change in the fitness industry

Motivation does not come from looking at the progress of others or learning what others are doing. Instead, it is something that comes from within. Athlete and fitness expert Dan Martin Paul rightly describes motivation as the ‘burning desire’. In his words, “To be motivated, you must have fire in the belly to smash the goals.” He has been following a fitness and disciplined routine throughout his life. Dedicatedly working in the gym for almost nine years, Dan has been consistently working out even at home during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 27-year old athlete is based out of Drummondville, Quebec in Canada. On the professional front, Dan has been an intervention agent for the government in a youth centre. His realization to live a fit and healthy lifestyle happened when he was 18. “I remember I was 18. I watched myself celebrating and enjoying life. However, one thing that bothered me was my skinny physique. That’s when I decided to bring a change with and within me” reveals Dan.

After the consistent practice and workout that he has been doing for years, Dan Martin Paul is now all set for a grand competition. He will be competing to be featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine. The winner of the competition takes away $20,000 and the competition is all set to happen on June 14. Throwing light on it, the fitness enthusiast said, “More than the prize, my focus is to showcase my calibre. The years of practice and the efforts that I have put in should be utilized rightly. Through this competition, my goal is to inspire people to stay fit.”

Apart from this, Dan Martin Paul strongly believes that excuses don’t give results. His focus has always been on the process and not on the result, and that has helped him in achieving the physique that he always dreamt of. As far as his business is concerned, the fitness expert is a proud owner of DMP Fitness, a clothing, and fitness apparel brand. Along with his brand, Dan is also sponsored by three other brands including Mammoth Supplements, Popeye’s Supplements and XFITONWAY.

Leaving no stone unturned for the much-awaited competition, the athlete is confident to win big. When asked what he would do with the prize money, he stated that he has his plans of investing in his brand. Interestingly, he even explained the significance behind DMP Fitness. “It stands for Determination, Motivation and Perseverance. The three main pillars to achieve the impossible”, added Dan. While concluding, Dan Martin Paul revealed that he wants to inculcate the idea of fitness in his family and wants to bring the fitness revolution all over Canada and the entire globe.

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