Intech Energy provides solar power installation solutions for businesses and households with good quality and cost effectiveness

Choosing a solar power system installer can be a daunting task. When choosing a deployment unit, one is unsure if the one they choose is really reputable to trust and invest a fair amount of money. Households or businesses are often hesitant about the level of quality they receive and whether the system after installation is really efficient and durable. However, some solar installers have proven their capabilities with thousands of customers. One such unit is Intech Energy.

Intech Energy provides solar power installation solutions for businesses and households with good quality, cost-effectiveness. This is a reputable unit for any household or business that wants to install a solar power system to save on monthly electricity costs. With over 10 years of implementation experience, Intech Energy has quickly risen in the ranks and is now one of the biggest names in Vietnam when it comes to solar power installers.

Currently, Intech Energy is a pioneer in solar power installation solutions in all provinces and cities in Vietnam. Customers focus mainly on households, offices, buildings, factories, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and commercial centers, airports, railway stations, etc…

Each solar power system installation solution will have different detailed operating principles. Looking at its structure, we can see the solar power principle of the system. First, the solar battery system is installed on the roof, wall or other convenient places to receive the most sunlight. Sunlight shining directly on the solar cell will be converted into direct current by the photovoltaic effect.

This DC current will be converted by the inverter device into an alternating current. When the current is excited into standard 220v sine alternating current with the same capacity and frequency as the mains. Then, directly into the state grid, the power source will provide electricity to the power-consuming loads in parallel. However, priority will be given to using solar power. Only when solar power does not produce enough to supply the system, will the consumed loads receive electricity from the grid.

About Intech Energy

Intech Energy with over 10 years of experience and thousands of systems and solutions have been deployed nationwide.

All products, solutions and services provided by Intech Energy are strictly inspected and monitored for quality at each stage and in each part, only quality assurance products and services can arrive. Customer’s hand.

With the mission of creating technology and green energy to serve people and society better, Intech Energy always focuses its investment resources on research, development and standardization, producing products and solutions. High-quality solutions to meet the strict requirements of partners, customers and society.

Intech Energy is an EPC general contractor with thousands of solar power projects deployed nationwide and a partner to support investment and investment cooperation in prestigious solar power projects that have been trusted by hundreds of customers. Investment cooperation and cooperation to create a green energy industry.

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Company Name: Intech Energy
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Address: Lo 5+6, KCN, Lai Xa, Hoai Duc, Ha Noi
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Media Contact
Company Name: Intech Energy
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: +84966966318
Country: Vietnam