ConvictED Life Podcast Touches Lives and Reshapes the Future One Story at a Time

ConvictED Life Podcast Touches Lives and Reshapes the Future One Story at a Time

Most people allow themselves to be controlled by their own self-limiting beliefs. They enable these hindrances to fuel their doubts, anxieties, and fears, straying these individuals from realizing their potential. Although there is nothing wrong with putting one foot out the door, growth begins when people shy away from their comfort zones. This circumstance gives them a chance to live a life filled with success and fulfillment. As people who were once shackled by the restrictive credence they give to themselves, Travis Richey and Zach Babcock decided to break away from their past and chose success in the years to come. Today, they stand as inspirational icons for felons and formerly convicted individuals around the world by breathing life into their passion project, the ConvictED Life Podcast.

When one has experienced life in jail, it is easy to believe that a person is decapitated from doing something worthwhile in the years after confinement. While it is valid to feel deficient, it should not always be the case. Since Travis Richey and Zach Babcock got out of prison, they strived to live a better and fuller life, inspiring many formerly incarcerated individuals to dream and live on. The path to success may have been difficult for this power duo, but the victories they have accumulated over the years serve as a genuine attestation that triumphs are within arm’s reach if a person invests upon it. Through the ConvictED Life Podcast, Travis and Zach wish to become sources of motivation for similarly situated individuals across the globe.

ConvictED Life Podcast is a life-changing platform that offers stories of hope, guidance, and a blueprint for a better life. It provides real-world advice, helping incarcerated and returning individuals to get back on their feet. More impressively, it inspires these potentially remarkable people to thrive and seek success.

Apart from its motivational purpose, ConvictedED Life Podcast serves as an avenue where felons and former criminals can learn from other individuals who have successfully reached impressive heights in this dog-eat-dog world. This promising platform not only encourages others to thrive and get ahead but also aims to become a tangible role model to struggling individuals across the space.

“It is going to be about the blueprint of not only our experiences as former felons and how we have gotten and figured our lives out, but this also involves interviewing other ex-convicts who have done the same,” Zach Babcock shared.

Although ConvictED Life Podcast has managed to impress a number of established authorities, industry powerhouses, and peers, it would not have reached the summits of success had it not been for the two brilliant minds behind a promising venture. Through Travis Richey and Zach Babcock’s experiences, they have continued to defy odds, leading a life filled with success. “ConvictED Life came from the idea that both Zach and I had been incarcerated. Now, we are living proof that the American dream is possible no matter what your background is,” Richey said. “We realized that we got to where we stand thanks to our misfortunes in the past.”

With no intentions of slowing down anytime soon, Travis Richey and Zach Babcock hope to expand the horizons of their brainchild, touching the lives of many struggling individuals throughout the world. Through ConvictED Life Podcast, they hope to change lives one story at a time.

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