Entrepreneur Amanda Barker Solves a Common Fashion Problem Through the Brilliant and Innovative Halftee

Entrepreneur Amanda Barker Solves a Common Fashion Problem Through the Brilliant and Innovative Halftee

Fashion, clothing, and confidence go hand in hand. All three of these aspects create an ecosystem of self-expression. Yet style and comfort are often two different stories. Most pieces of clothing can only offer one over the other. It’s always a wrestle about form or function when both of these factors could live harmoniously through a fashionable statement of sensibility and comfort. Enter Halftee, the brainchild of the brilliant Amanda Barker, a fashion brand that revolutionizes the most common piece of clothing, the basic tee. 

Amanda Barker conceptualized Halftee while she was struggling with the bulk of two-layered shirts while nursing her third baby. The concept turned out to be such a life-altering moment for her, as she asked herself, “Why can’t someone come up with a half-shirt? Something that gives me a cute neckline and sleeve coverage but ditches the bulky length?” 

Years later, after Amanda had her fifth child, she realized that that “someone” had to be her. As the saying goes, “If you want something done, then do it yourself.” And so, Amanda Barker followed through on her brilliant idea, establishing Halftee Layering Fashions. 

Born out of complete personal necessity, the brand seems to have taken off as it completely resonates with the pulse of the masses. Women everywhere have shared Amanda’s concern for fashion these days. Much of it had to do with style and comfort. “I wanted to wear all of today’s top fashion brands but found that far too often most of today’s top brands required some type of base layer that added either a neckline, sleeves or both,” explained Amanda.

“So I would fight endlessly with the bulk and heat, the tugging and pulling, of a full-length layering t-shirt. One day it came to me, why not chop all your layering tees off! So I did, but the problem was a cut-off tee tends to roll up, causing more problems than before,” added Amanda as she encountered the first hurdle in the ideation process.

Fortunately, Amanda worked with her mom and got out the old Serger, sewing on the first 2-inch signature band. The band kept the Halftee in place and was extremely comfortable under other clothing pieces that needed extra coverage. As she overcame the first hurdle, it’s been a series of consistent successes since then, and the rest they say is history.

Currently, Halftee has sold to women all over the world, appearing on mainstream television platforms such as The Shopping Channel in Canada, HSN, and currently ShopHQ in the United States, QVCItaly, QVCGermany. Halftee has also been prominently featured by influencers, bloggers, stores, boutiques, and online stores worldwide. 

Halftee should become a massive inspiration to entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere. “What I have learned many times over is that it is the most practical, simple solutions that make the biggest impact in our lives, and Halftee is just that. A practical, simple solution for women’s everyday fashion problems,” said Amanda.

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