Kirill Kuznetsov Of Enhanced Investments, Inc. Highlights The Relevance of Robo-Advisors In Stock-Picking

Investment expert and founder of Enhanced Investments, a leading provider of automated investment solutions, talks about Robo-advisors and stock picking

Enhanced Investments, Inc. is fast-becoming one of the most sought-after providers of automated investment solutions as the first robo-advisor based on the well-tested fundamental strategies substantially outperforming the market. In a related development, Kirill Kuznetsov, the CEO of Enhanced Investments, Inc. recently aired his views on the subject of robo-advisors and stock-picking.

We are the first robo-advisor based on the well-tested fundamental strategies substantially outperforming the market. Our solution provides the clients with an opportunity to understand the rationale behind our selection and perform their own analysis based on our data and frameworks,” said Kirill Kuznetsov, the CEO of Enhanced Investments, Inc. “Our flagship strategy has achieved over 20% return since the beginning of 2015, showing positive result in every year. We have over $3m own funds managed by the system the same way as for clients, which provides additional transparency/security for the clients. Using next-generation machine learning we plan to further develop new strategies and enhance our strategies in terms of returns and clients experience.”

Robo-advisors have become increasingly popular in recent times, as more investors look for relatively easier and affordable ways of making their monies work while enjoying good returns. Over the years, the line between technology and investment has become thinner, with tech companies delivering solutions for investors. While automated investment solutions have been around for decades, the emergence of new trends such as machine learning and artificial intelligence has undoubtedly challenged the status quo in the investment space. The team at Enhanced Investments, Inc., led by Kirill Kuznetsov, aims to take the experience a notch higher with their user-friendly investment platform as the company enters the North American market.

The decision to launch Enhanced Investments, Inc. was inspired by the futile search for a comprehensive investment solution that automates the selection of undervalued stocks, especially for high net worth investment funds. The company’s solution helps to make decisions based on data-driven strategies as opposed to emotions, picking undervalued stocks based on certain criteria, with the algorithm buying a bundle of stocks and ultimately delivering amazing returns.

Enhanced Investments offers a set of well-performing automated fundamental strategies and financial portal/screener to select undervalued stocks, with a user-friendly interface that allows clients to monitor performance and understand the rationale behind the system’s actions.

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