SungThai Crystal Technology: China is the World’s Largest Production Base of Quartz Crystal Monitoring Oscillator

Quartz crystal monitoring oscillator is an indispensable consumable in the production process of optical products. Today, SungThai Crystal Technology is thrilled to announce that China is the world’s leading producer of quartz crystal monitoring oscillators

SungThai Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce that China has become the world’s largest production base of quartz monitoring crystal wafers. Quartz monitoring crystal oscillator is mainly used in optical, led, OLED, semiconductor vacuum coating process. It is an indispensable consumable in the production process of optical products, and China produces it more than any country in the world.

The brands of quartz crystal monitoring wafers produced in China are not known to the industries in Europe and the United States. China holds the fort as the global manufacturing base of optical glasses (more than 80% of global production) and optical lenses (more than 70% of the worldwide output), fully replacing the traditional optical well-known brands.

These high-quality quartz crystal monitoring wafers, which have been tested by countless practical applications of various optical companies in the world, meet the high-quality requirements of customers and significantly reduce the production cost of customers due to the large-scale assembly line production lower price.

At present, it has become the primary source of OEM / ODM of similar product brands in other countries in the world. According to published trade data from Chinese customs, the “assembled piezoelectric quartz” category alone had more than ten billion exported pieces in 2018. SungThai product team is the developer of the Chinese national industrial standard and is the technical leader.

“Our engineers are very skillful and experienced; in the past, we bought economical products with short service life; by replacing them more frequently, we can get similar results as the precision products. Now, we don’t need to do so because SungThai offers precision products at an economical price. Our engineers are much easier,” said Ronald, Operations Manager at SungThai.

“Once aerospace devices are launched into space, any problem in any part will fail the mission,” said Evelyn, Senior Vice President at SungThai. “SungThai products have experienced many great space programs and have delivered good performance up to now. We trust SungThai,” she added.

SungThai Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. has three types of quartz monitoring crystal wafers: gold electrode, alloy electrode, and silver electrode. Two types of quartz monitoring crystal wafers are divided by frequency, namely 5MHz quartz monitoring crystal wafers and 6 MHz quartz monitoring crystal wafers. In addition, SungThai Crystal Technology Co., Ltd is a professional customized quartz crystal microbalance QCM-D sensor.

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For over 30 years, SungThai Crystal Technology Co., Ltd has grown to be one of a few specialized ODM/OEM manufacturers globally. Today, SungThai can develop customized products for customers in record time. These products are packaged in a Class 1000 secondary clean room, with vacuum sealing ensuring that the products are not contaminated in delivery to customers. The company strives to maintain high quality as discharged from the production line and provide longer storage time for customers.

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