Naked Pools Presents their Signature Line of Freshwater Pool Filtration Products

Naked Pools offer specialised freshwater pool filtration systems for those looking to install a pool alternative that’s free of harmful chemicals. Many of their customers come to them for pools that won’t affect their allergies or damage sensitive skin. Their freshwater pool systems are designed in a way that keeps chemical use to an absolute minimum while ensuring the water is filtered and fresh.

Their pools use the patented NKD-R Freshwater System, a hybrid pool filtration system designed by the experts at Naked Pools. The system uses a digital control unit to finely control an electrode assembly as well as the chemicals, mineral and ions in the water. Using copper and silver anodes, the system disinfects water and prevents algae growth, resulting in a completely clean freshwater pool. This system can be fitted to a brand new pool or installed on an older style pool to convert it to freshwater.

Naked Pools offer several services to help their customers get their homes fitted with a Naked Pool. While many of their customers get the NKD-R Freshwater System installed along with a new pool, the system can also be fitted to existing pools for a simple conversion to freshwater. Naked Pools handles the conversion process, with dedicated technicians to make the process simple for their customers.

Their systems are used by pool suppliers, builders, and installers all over Australia due to their popularity, making it easy for new customers to install a freshwater pool for their home. They can supply the Freshwater Filtration System to their customers directly or through pool installers and builders.

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About Naked Freshwater Pools: 

Naked Pools can transform your pool into a crystal clear freshwater oasis. We’ve developed our incredible freshwater system that uses copper and silver instead of harmful chemicals to filter and sanitises pool water while preventing algae growth.

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