Hoseiki, the world’s first luxury jewellery and Feng Shui house

Bringing an age old tradition and practice to the modern world, Hoseiki is a luxury jewellery and Feng Shui house hoping to bring the benefits and beauty of traditional Chinese metaphysics to the modern world.

Whether they’re believers or not, most people around can’t deny the popularity and prevalence of Feng Shui surrounding them in their daily lives. While most will tend to stereotype Feng Shui practices and jewellery as being old fashioned, Hoseiki takes this otherwise classical approach in a different manner. Being a jewellery house that practices Feng Shui, the brand has gained a large following within the Asian community. Hoseiki was founded by a gentleman named Daryl, who was inspired by his trip to Japan, while visiting the ancient and traditional temples of Kyoto. Being a man of traditional beliefs, he sought to create a brand that would embody the emotion of what he experienced there. Hence, he founded the brand Hoseiki.

Melding traditional Chinese metaphysics with modern design and production of stone-based jewellery, Hoseiki is the world’s first proper luxury jewellery and Feng Shui house. Being deeply rooted in traditional Chinese Metaphysics, the brand uses the approach of reading one’s Bazi (eight characters) chart, based on an individual’s birth date and time to determine their personality, strengths, weaknesses, traits, and career path. After determining a person’s favourable element, the in-house Feng Shui master will then recommend a bracelet to them from said element. Thus, allowing their customers to achieve a form of emotional and mental balance that they may have been lacking. Since the brand started, they have already helped over 1000 clients with their Feng Shui needs. 

The brand has an in-house team of designers and a dedicated R&D team specializing in the procurement of precious stones, to create and develop a piece of jewellery that is both traditional, yet modern at the same time.

Aside from their jewellery, Hoseiki also provides their customers Feng Shui consultation services, whether it be for home Feng Shui, a detailed analysis of their individual Bazi charts, or even office Feng Shui as well. The brand hopes to break the stereotype of Feng Shui being an old-fashioned and irrelevant belief in this modern age by offering practical and realistic solutions and advice while practicing the age-old art of traditional Feng Shui. The brand believes in long-term practical solutions for their clients, and is aiming to be one of the best and most authentic Feng Shui and jewellery house in the world. 

With an expertise in both fields of jewellery development, as well as authentic Feng Shui consultation, the brand can be seen as an upcoming major player in the field of modern Feng Shui jewellery. 

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