Cat interior brand LucyBalu expands collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette

Cat interior brand LucyBalu expands collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette

The cat interior brand LucyBalu recently confirmed the rumor that its collaboration with the world’s most famous cat Choupette will be expanded. The German based startup originally announced the cooperation with Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette in October 2020. What started with a gift to the extravagant cat led to a rare cooperation and the launch of a special edition cat hammock.

LucyBalu is reimagining cat supplies

The product designer Sebastian Frank and the entrepreneur and former media manager Dr. Mathias Wahrenberger launched the cat label LucyBalu in 2019. Their simple yet innovative idea was that pet supplies should rather be interpreted as furniture. Consequently, they designed cat furniture and accessories completely different than big pet supplies companies did in the past. With an emphasis on refined product design, high quality production and natural materials LucyBalu products truly stand out. The price for a LucyBalu piece is significantly higher than that of a standard cat tree. But the founders proved right and convinced consumers around the world to buy their cat furniture. As Sebastian Frank puts it: “We have sold our products to more than 20 countries within our first year. As a product designer it is absolutely overwhelming to receive thank you notes from places like South Africa, Israel or New York. Our customers love our products and the way they make their cats happy and their homes more cosy and beautiful.”

Picture: LucyBalu cat tree PLATEAU

The young label produces design cat furniture for a cat wall, including a cat hammock, cat wall stairs, cat wall beds and cat scratch pads. The collection also includes cat toys, cat feeding stations and freestanding cat furniture such as a cat scratch tower. The style of LucyBalu can best be described as minimalistic and functional yet warm and emotionally appealing. Probably the pandemic proved to be a catalyst for the brand’s development. Dr. Mathias Wahrenberger reflects on the last year: “During the Corona crisis, people spent most of their time with their beloved cats. Many observed their behavior like never before and discovered the real needs of a cats. While renovating and decorating their homes, cat owners also stumbled across their existing cat supplies and were looking for alternative, more sophisticated solutions. We were able to sell our stylish products to cat owners around the word.” 

Expansion of LucyBalu x Choupette

The collaboration with Choupette was LucyBalu’s secret sauce of success for attaining international fame so quickly. How did the two founders convince Choupette? After all, the cat of Karl Lagerfeld is in great demand and has withdrawn greatly from the public eye since the death of the great fashion designer. Mr. Lucas Berullier, the agent of Choupette receives multiple requests for interviews and cooperations from all around the world. He explains why, of all things, he chose to work with the Munich-based startup: “It’s fascinating to see how one cat can affect the world in such a way. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to every request, and we only choose certain projects that we think really match Choupette. With Choupette loving her hammock – which she sleeps and relaxes on – it is obvious that not only we, but cat owners all around the world should be introduced to the LucyBalu’s brand and products.” The two founders can consider themselves lucky to have convinced Choupette so much with their cat products.

Picture: LucyBalu x Choupette

The collaboration between the small startup and the “big cat” has generated worldwide media coverage. And obviously, the collaboration between LucyBalu and Choupette is greatly successful. Recently LucyBalu declared that the cooperation will be expanded. Mr. Lucas Berullier: “The collaboration with LucyBalu and Choupette was a great success and enrichment for all of us, especially for Choupette, who likes to relax on her SWING hammock after a strenuous job. It has therefore been clear to me since the beginning of the cooperation that not only we but cat owners all over the world should get to know the LucyBalu brand and its products. That’s why I’m all the more pleased that the collaboration with Mathias and Sebastian continues.“ One can be curious, which new products there will be from LucyBalu for Choupette. One can only speculate in which direction it will go. So far, there are no hints or clues about this. LucyBalu is keeping a low profile on this subject. It remains to be seen whether the young startup will land another coup.

Picture: The founders of LucyBalu Sebastian Frank and Dr. Mathias Wahrenberger

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