Arcane Tech-Sneakers By Virtue Clan And Balex

Arcane Tech-Sneakers By Virtue Clan And Balex

In addition to the recently-leaked SF90, it appears that the metaverse had another surprise for the sneakerheads this weekend. A new project allegedly called “V-Arcane” by and Balex Sneakers has been the center of attention this week on several tech-forums after a leak posted by the Norwegian designer Birk Alexandersson and a story published by the NFT marketplace called

One of the leaked shoes seem to be using electric propulsion and magnetic fields in order to levitate the shoe above ground. Shoe experts have been debating the “hover-shoe” for decades and they conclude that the world’s first frictionless shoe might hit the shelves sooner than we thought with the help of non-fungible tokens.

Non-fungible tokens are bringing authenticity and exclusivity to the world of digital fashion and it seems like more and more designers within the industry have started to pre-release their work as NFTs across various marketplaces. According to Rarible’s story, it seems like the V-Arcane shoes by VIRTUE Clan and Balex will also include a pre-launch auction exclusively on the metaverse.

VIRTUE Clan – V Arcane Shoes Dark Mode

Talking about the metaverse – choosing where to invest one’s money, especially in 2021 can be a real challenge. The property market is hot, but the cost of entry is untenable for most. Bonds and term deposits are stable, but with record low-interest rates, they’re not a good use of one’s money. The stock and cryptocurrency markets are absolutely insane right now, but they’re volatile… What if we told you that investing in sneakers, of all things, was an option. More to the point, not only is it an option, but that building a sneaker stockpile (both physical and as NFTs) might even be a safer bet than stocking up on shares or the latest ‘to the moon’ cryptocurrency?

Cryptographic tokens, which represent a unique asset or utility, are becoming increasingly popular in several industries as many consumers begin to invest in pre-release digital collectibles within fashion, art, and music. As people look for creative ways to express themselves by dressing up their digital avatars, virtual fashion satisfies the desire for uniqueness and exclusivity with decentralised items not yet available for physical purchase.

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