Future of Manufacturing Rests with Generation Z According to Rachel Snyder Youngest Member of the Manufacturing Media Consortium

Future of Manufacturing Rests with Generation Z According to Rachel Snyder Youngest Member of the Manufacturing Media Consortium

Rachel Snyder, the newest and youngest member of the 8000+ member Manufacturing Media Consortium, recently authored a feature in Manufacturing Outlook magazine. Snyder discussed the state of the manufacturing industry rests in the hands of Generation Z (born in the 1990s to 2010s). Read the full article here.

According to Snyder, “Long before COVID eliminated 1.4 million jobs, Boomers were aging out of the workforce.  Millions more Boomers will file for Social Security in the next three years.  The need to fill those openings falls to Gen Zers.  Skillsets need to be met, and many manufacturers are listening to Zip Recruiter and Indeed.com advertising on media rarely utilized by the Gen Zers to fill needed positions.

“The transactional nature of this generation combined with high paying manufacturing jobs is attractive. Attracting the young job seekers in the first place is the challenge. Generation Z was born into a world where technology and the internet already secured its role in communication dynamic, interaction, motivation, and inspiration. Gen Zers grew up with computers, phones, and tablets, so navigating them became second nature to us. We taught our Baby Boomer and Gen X relatives how to use these devices in order to adapt their lives to a tech obsessed world. We are the exception, even overly reliant, with the internet, especially social media,” shared Snyder.

Jacket Media is the parent company of Manufacturing Outlook e-zine. The publication highlights current manufacturing trends. 

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