People Learn Early How to Prepare for Retirement

People Learn Early How to Prepare for Retirement

Preparing for retirement needs to begin sooner than most people realize. Unfortunately, individuals often wait until middle age or later to start planning for their exit from the workforce. Waiting too long leads to individuals being forced to rush the process and likely making poor financial decisions. Banks like WECU can help individuals prepare for their retirement, so there is less financial stress. 

Tips for Preparing for Retirement

The average age of retirement is 61, but individuals cannot collect their full Social Security until the age of 67. With people staying in the workforce longer, individuals have more time to prepare. The following tips can help individuals be better prepared for retiring and enjoying the good life when they get to the right age. In addition to the following information, individuals can receive help by visiting

  • It is important for individuals to decide on a set of goals for retirement. Ideally, these goals should be decided on as soon as a person enters the workforce. Sticking with these goals and making day-to-day decisions that work towards them is beneficial. 

  • Individuals need to be aware of their retirement needs. It is important to remember that a person will need between 70 and 90% of their pre-retirement income to live as they are accustomed throughout retirement. Knowing their needs will help individuals better prepare for retirement. 

  • One of the most important things a person can do when preparing for retirement is starting a savings account. Starting a retirement savings account early in life will allow individuals the time they need to grow their funds without stress. To learn more, visit

  • An employer’s retirement account can be highly beneficial for helping individuals prepare for their future retirement. A 401(k) plan is beneficial in many ways, including the reduction of taxes an individual must pay on their earnings. 

  • Investments can also be beneficial in helping a person prepare for retirement. It is important to invest in sound strategies that will pay off without so much risk. 

  • Opening up an individual retirement account is also helpful. Individuals can put up to $6000 a year into these accounts. Those who are fifty or over can contribute more funds. 

Seek Professional Guidance

Preparing for retirement can often seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be with proper planning. It is wise to work with a financial planner to help ensure there are clear and attainable goals to pursue. 

It is also wise to work with a trusted financial planner who offers individual service instead of a cookie-cutter approach. Receiving financial advice from professionals will assist individuals in making plans and sticking with them for the long haul so they can successfully meet their retirement goals. 

Individuals need to realize it is never too early to start planning for retirement. The sooner a person begins the planning process, the more time they will have to reach their goals. Ideally, this process should start well before middle age. 

Since 1936, WECU has been helping its members meet their financial goals. They are a bank that is making a difference in the way financial tools are used. 

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