Promotes Anti Glare Glasses: Reducing the Effects of Computer Vision Syndrome Promotes Anti Glare Glasses: Reducing the Effects of Computer Vision Syndrome

It’s official: the digital age is here. As time marches on, the internet and electronic devices are only going to become one of the more integral components in life. In fact, microchips and implants are even being developed to make the internet a literal part of selves. They’ll allow someone to access websites and other online elements without even picking up a smartphone or tablet. All that needs to be done is to think about an online resource, and it’ll automatically appear in the field of vision.

Taking a Step Back

For now, though, confined to having all things digital and internet-related at one’s fingertips. Though technology gives a person virtually endless possibilities, it’s also becoming a problem in many cases. One can learn more about the impact of modern digital advancements at this site here, but this will cover a few of the important points right now.

How Far Does Reliance on Technology Go?

It seems that the reliance on technology runs deep. For one, studies show that people spend enormous amounts of time looking at laptop screens, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and gaming monitors. People stare at their digital devices for an average of 6,200 hours per year. At the same time, spending about five hours per day looking at computers. On top of that, most devote more than four hours to watching television per day.

How Is Digital Technology Affecting Humanity?

Digital technology is having a profound impact on humanity according to and numerous other sources. It’s affecting everything from one’s physical health to the intellect. Those effects also tend to grow worse over time.

Spending so much time in front of various screens is causing people to be less physically active. That’s increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and many other conditions. Using adjustable standing desks can be helpful, but that’s only one of the considerations and options to keep in mind.

Understanding the Impact on One’s Eyes

That being said, one of the most potentially detrimental issues now is a condition known as computer vision syndrome. Some of its symptoms include blurry vision, headaches, and eye discomfort. Some reports also show that staring at a computer screen or device makes one blink less frequently, and that causes eye dryness and irritation.

Mitigating the Issues

Some might say that fixing these issues is simple. All it takes is spending less time looking at computers, smartphones, and other devices. For those whose jobs require one to stare at the computer for eight to twelve hours a day, it’s just not quite that straightforward. For many, a viable solution may be to use glasses from companies like Felix Gray that filter out blue light.

Doing so could greatly reduce eye strain and the problems caused by computer vision syndrome. This leaves many people asking, “How much do glasses cost? Considerations and options” Their cost can vary by brand, prescription, lens type, and many other factors. Many are quick to point out that the cost of the glasses is far less than that of constant discomfort and potentially losing eyesight.


Moving more and cutting out a certain amount of television, smartphone, and gaming time can help reduce some of the risks associated with an increasingly digital world. Filtering out blue light via specially designed glasses is beneficial as well. Keep in mind, one doesn’t have to require a vision correction prescription to use these types of glasses. They’re available to everyone who is exposed to long hours in front of a screen.

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