Thanks To The Patented Nanofiber Technology At Filti, Outstanding Air Quality Is Now Just A Small Step Away

Help protect family, friends, and loved ones from poor indoor air quality!

United States – Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, staying indoors is essential to staying protected from the deadly virus. However, polluted air conditioning supply may also be a threat, Filti is a company located in the United States that incorporates front-line nanofiber technology in all of its air filtration products. The pioneering business is a market leader in face masks and is attempting to break to new heights in the air filter industry. They specialize in Commercial/Industrial Air Filtration services. Their original nanofiber designs help provide safer air quality in houses and workspaces. 

Nanofiber technology creates a weave of nanoparticle fibers using specialized manufacturing techniques. These fibers are thin and compact, making them ideal for filtering out particulate matter that would otherwise pass through woven fabric filters. Most other mechanical filters do not capture ultra-fine particles, but ones made with nanofiber do. It protects those inside a home or office by increasing filtration efficiency, while also providing excellent airflow throughout the home. Nanofiber technology is used widely in research labs, clinics, power plant filtration, and other fields across the world! Filti strives to provide its customers with the most cutting-edge filtration technology available!

Filti, established in January 2019, set out on a mission to use nanofiber technology to develop high-efficiency residential HVAC filters for all apartments. They then went a step beyond that to develop their patent-pending washable, reusable filter, which saves money while also helping to preserve the environment. The Filti Family has now grown to include over 20 employees and over 50,000 customers! Face mask fabric, face mask inserts, completed face masks, the only MERV 16 residential filter in the sector, and, of course, the washable filter is all part of their expanded product line.

All the products at Filti are constructed using their patent-pending nanofiber technology that is capable of capturing a variety of dangerous airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria. The Filti Face Mask Material and NF95 Respirators are great alternatives that are easy to carry and easy to use. Extreme comfort, a fabulous seal, and extraordinary breathability are all features of this design. The new 9500 Home Filter captures up to 95% of airborne particles, giving peace of mind that family and loved ones can remain safe from viral infections, microbes, allergens, animal dander, VOCs, sneeze particles, and more. Their Washable Filters are the best choice for saving money, reducing waste, and improving air quality in the home because they can be washed many times while maintaining their ability to stop most particles. Moreover, their MERV filters have exceptionally high levels of efficiency with minimal airflow resistance. Its low resistance enhances airflow while also lowering energy costs. 

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is a rating system that determines how effective a filter is. Filters with a MERV 13 rating trap a broader range of particulates, which is why Filti qualifies to be one of the leading air filtration companies in the US. All the products improve the Indoor Air Quality of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. During the threat of Coronavirus pathogens, the company serves to provide efficient solutions to stay protected. 

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