Expert House Movers – Providing Reliable Solutions for House Movement, Elevation, Flood Mitigation, and Foundation Repair in Virginia Beach

Expert House Movers - Providing Reliable Solutions for House Movement, Elevation, Flood Mitigation, and Foundation Repair in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA – Expert House Movers specializes in the movement, elevation, flood mitigation, and foundation repair of houses in Virginia Beach and its surroundings. Using sophisticated equipment and a highly trained crew, the company can handle the movement or repair of any type of building irrespective of its condition. Through a thorough initial assessment of the situation, Expert House Movers will develop a tailor-made movement or repair solution for any given house. 

“For most of us, moving a house is a once-in-a-lifetime task and, naturally, the logistics can be overwhelming. I was fortunate to have been referred to Expert House Movers because all my worries melted away once they were involved. They knew exactly what to do, and their rate was better than I expected.” said a happy client. “Their team was punctual, kind, and professional. I spent only a few hours with them, but they treated me like a good friend from the get-go.”

After calling Expert House Movers, all the client has to do is wait for the initial assessment. This is an interactive session with the homeowner in which the experts will assess and come up with a viable plan to handle a given problem. Experienced Expert House Movers technicians will come to the site and take the necessary measurements required to determine a workable solution. For instance, if the job involves movement or significant elevation of the house, the technicians will conduct a detailed structural integrity test to prevent the house from collapsing once it is lifted.

Clients can always count on Expert House Movers for services such as house movement, structural elevation, flood mitigation, foundation repair, and structural lifting. Expert House Movers affords their clients the opportunity to relocate with their beloved homes through their highly organized logistical structural lifting services in the Virginia Beach area. 

The company offers two ways of relocating a house to a different location. The client can either choose to get the house alone taken and relocated to a new foundation or have both the house and the old foundation relocated to a new site. 

One more opportunity offered to the clients is house elevation. Expert House Movers understand that clients will need their houses elevated from time to time for different reasons, for example, flood mitigation. Using state-of-the-art equipment for house elevation, the technicians ensure that the whole structure is lifted steadily and held without further propagation of pre-existing cracks. They then construct a new foundation underneath, making sure that the house is perfectly level.

Virginia Beach foundation repair – For many years now, clients in Virginia Beach have relied on Expert House movers to do proper foundation repairs on their properties when they notice signs such as; cracked foundations, groundwater seepage, bowing walls, buckling walls, leaning chimneys, among others. The company can be contracted to perform foundation leveling if part of the house foundation has sunk. 

More information can be obtained from the company’s website. For inquiries, clients can contact Expert House Movers at (844) 252-2211. The company is located at 4556 BLACKWATER ROAD, Virginia Beach, VA, 23457.


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