Kalki Koechlin’s New Film Explores Human-Pet Relationship

Kalki Koechlin's New Film Explores Human-Pet Relationship

In the new film, ‘Emma and Angel’, French actress Kalki Koechlin plays a speech-impaired writer caught under the debris of an earthquake. It is a story of hope, survival, and the power of friendship.

Emma and Angel is a movie about hope, survival, and the power of friendship. The edge-of-your-seat thriller explores the depth of the human-pet relationship.

Emma, played by French actress Kalki Koechlin, is a speech-impaired writer caught under the debris of an earthquake. Her dog, Angel, is outside the debris and the only one who can help Emma. The story is about Emma’s survival and Angel’s loyalty.

Emma and Angel won Best Screenplay at the European Independent Film Award (EIFA) in 2018 even before its production. The film does not have any dialogue, yet it takes viewers on a thrilling and terrifying journey.

Kalki Koechlin, the French actress who plays Emma, is an award-winning actress known for strong starring roles. Koechlin won the Screen Award and the National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in ‘Margarita with a Straw’ and she was nominated for several other International awards.

Arvind said, “The idea was to make the audience experience the state of being stuck under earthquake debris as real as possible. The difficulty of conveying suffocation, the helplessness, we wanted the people to feel it. Being a silent movie, Kalki can speak only through her eyes, and she has given a tremendous performance.”

R Arvind produced the film along with Nitinsathyaa.

Emma and Angel will be released in 2021.

About R Arvind

R Arvind’s debut film, Karma, was nominated for awards in several film festivals worldwide. He was nominated for Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film at the Madrid International Film Festival, 2016.

About Nitinsathyaa

Nitinsathyaa, MD Shvedh Productions, established his own production company with the core philosophy of giving new talents a viable chance and producing different kinds of entertainment content. Nitinsathyaa has co-produced Emma and Angel along with R Arvind.

Press kit inclusive of movie stills, making stills, posters, and crew pictures can be downloaded here: https://tinyurl.com/48xecuvs

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