ADMD’s SalesMASTER AI: A new game-changing approach that propels businesses into superior levels of growth and efficiency

Leading company ADMD has unveiled SalesMASTER AI, a new game-changing approach that propels businesses into superior levels of growth and efficiency, by automating processes to fuel productivity.

SalesMASTER AI is an artificial intelligence-powered solution excellent for business needs, bringing custom-designed solutions to help companies stand out from the competition. 

Forrester Research reveals that companies that effectively master AI will take $1.2 trillion per year from those that don’t. Furthermore, Gartner Research urges sales leaders to adopt AI-based guided selling to increase the chances of closing new deals.

“Our technology finds your targets, automates your prospecting via LinkedIn, and exports their contact information to our All-In-One AI-Powered Sales & Marketing automation platform,” said Ken Murray, CBDO of ADMD Solutions in a statement.

SalesMASTER AI experts take over and automatically prospect via email, text, SMS, and voicemail drops. This process continues until the meeting is booked. 

“ADMD’s game changing approach that takes away all of the guesswork – what person, what verbiage, what channel, what time- out of the equation and lets you focus with precision and take handfuls of market share at a time from your competition.” – Brian K., CEO of Four Points Consulting

Cutting-edge automation solutions 

ADMD’s most popular features include marketing automation and sales automation, which are cutting-edge tools to shorten the sales cycle and automate menial & manual processes.  This significantly saves time and capital resources. 

“The system even automates your follow-up process and social media posting with an AI engine that tells you when to post for increased engagement. SalesMASTER AI increases conversions and customer sales dramatically, all while letting you get 8-17 hours back per week to do more of the things you love,” Marisa DiLossi, CCO, added. 

The solution combines its unique AI-based approach with human sales and marketing expertise to create targeting strategies and messaging that deliver tangible results.

SalesMASTER AI also reveals the ideal customer persona, enabling users to remove the guesswork and find out the personal likes and dislikes of a company’s prospects. 

“Success leaves clues, but they go far deeper than we ever thought. The power of our AI allows us to uncover deeper insights into your true Ideal Decision Making Persona,” Eric Schaen, CRO said.

This innovative platform’s NextGen AI lends a hand in all social media management needs, showcasing services that include content creation and AI-powered smart post scheduling for maximum, dynamic engagement.

Its powerful lead generation service offers targeted, AI-verified leads with up to 95% accuracy delivered to every user, monthly.

“Wow! Am I impressed! During what I would call the first real week I have had well over 50 new connections, even better than the connections is that many of my new connections are having positive/proactive conversations and a few have even booked appointments! My first appointment was someone I thought was going to try selling to me… instead, he was a real prospect… caught me off guard… blew me away. If this is the pregame I can’t wait to get to the main event over the next 90 days.” – Cory G., Managing Partner of Call Center Consulting Group

Accelerated Business growth

SalesMASTER AI also breaks ground in providing the right branding and business growth strategy by combining a unique AI-based approach with world-class human branding and design experts to create visions & experiences that produce a real impact.

With big data on the table, ADMD’s customers can stop cold calling as a sales and marketing solution.

“Cold calling becomes a thing of the past with SalesMASTER AI, as it provides an artificial intelligence solution to quickly and properly synthesize data into insight that can aid a sales team aggressively, specifically in terms of identifying outliers and trends,” Arturo Del Rio, CEO explained. 

Perfect packages for businesses

SalesMASTER AI offers impressive packages for businesses looking to boost their digital presence and get more customers. 

The Discreet Growth Package provides DIY Intelligent LinkedIn Automation Software, Smart CRM, Review and Reputation Management, and AI-Powered & Human Enhanced Exclusives, among other features, for only $297 per month.

SalesMASTER AI’s Balanced Growth Package offers Partially Managed Outbound Prospecting and everything in the Discrete Growth Package for $497 per month. 

Meanwhile, the Aggressive Growth Package provides Fully Managed Outbound LinkedIn Prospecting and includes everything in the Discrete & Balanced Growth Packages, all for $997 per month. 

Businesses can check out the full features and package plans on the website to get started at www.SalesMASTER.AI

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