MaskSense, LLC, Dot Enhances Mask Wearing Experience With Aromatherapy Scents

New scented stickers are specially designed to fit all masks.

Although mask mandates are evolving, the coronavirus isn’t going anywhere. Masks are predicted to be a normal occurrence for air travel, public transit, schools, and more. For those who are looking to enhance the mask wearing experience, the team at MaskSense has created an exciting new option. The MaskSense dot is a patent-pending scented sticker designed to fit virtually any mask to instantly upgrade the wearing experience with aromatherapy inspired scents.

While scented stickers are nothing new, MaskSense dot stickers are made just for masks and feature the height of ingredients. Wearers can rest assured that MaskSense dot stickers are made without artificial additives or chemicals. MaskSense dot stickers are made from eco-friendly materials and can be recycled, and they include all natural essential oils to provide an aromatherapy upgrade to any mask.

“MaskSense is a product that is here for you in those times when you are required or when you want to continue using a face mask,” said a spokesperson for MaskSense.

The team behind MaskSense is thrilled to bring to the market a product that helps boost mood, ease stress, relieve anxiety, and improve focus. As it stands, the MaskSense dot is available in three varieties: eucalyptus, fresh linen, and lavender. Customers can also choose the Scent Trio package that includes all three scents.

The MaskSense team says they’ll soon be launching a new scent, lemon, and they are working with world-class aromatherapists to develop other scents.

MaskSense was founded by Dr. Stephen Martin, who wanted to help positively contribute to public health. He created a team of product designers, healthcare experts, social medicine professionals, chemists, and entrepreneurs to find a solution that would make mask wearing a more positive experience. The end result of these investigations was the creation of the MaskSense dot.

Aromas are closely connected with emotions, with statistics showing that 75% of emotions are triggered by smells. Smells are processed in the limbic system of the brain, a region that also processes emotions, memory, and learning. The MaskSense dot uses smell as a way to reward the mask wearer’s experience, thus encouraging them to continue wearing the mask.

MaskSense is working to create a partner network to help bring their product to customers around the world. Current partners include medical practices, schools, universities, hospitality organizations, and both the public and private sector. In a time when masks look to be a part of the new normal, MaskSense aims to make mask wearing a more enjoyable experience. MaskSense is currently accepting new partners, and MaskSense dots can be purchased at their website. More information can be found at

About MaskSense, LLC

MaskSense was founded in 2020 and is producing the MaskSense dot – a patent-pending aroma-infused scented mask sticker that fits all masks.

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