Innovative weighted gloves that comfortably increase fat burn launch on Kickstarter

M.P. Gloves are a new and unique pair of weighted gloves that helps burn fat faster without the need for additional weight and is a smarter alternative to regular weighted gloves.

Great news for fitness enthusiasts! A Miami-based gym wearable company, Grit Gloves, has recently launched a new unique weighted glove on Kickstarter that helps to increase fat burn comfortably, compared to traditional weighted gloves. Titled “M.P. Gloves”, this innovative pair of gloves will enable users to follow their fitness routine without carrying around dumbbells.

“We have not been able to hit our favorite gyms for almost a year now and that has been a huge blow to fitness levels. Home gym equipment is expensive, bulky, and extremely space-consuming. I wanted a smarter way to incorporate extra weight into my workout routine without needing dumbbells. Yes, there are weighted gloves that are too bulky, restrictive, and generally succumb to wear and tear after a short while. Such a crisis inspired me to come up with an innovative weighted glove that would not only help burn fat fast but also be devoid of the typical problems we face with regular weighted gloves. And thus, M.P. Gloves was born”, stated Dylan Nelson, fitness enthusiast and the man behind Grit Gloves and M.P. Gloves.

M.P. Gloves are manufactured with premium materials that sit comfortably on your hands and also don’t cause skin irritation even after prolonged use. Intelligently fitted with breathing holes in strategic places, these gloves ensure healthy airflow and prevent sweat.

“We have sewn the weights at the back of the gloves with even spacing in between. Unlike many regular weighted gloves that restrict full-hand functionality due to the unwise arrangement of the weights, our strategically designed gloves will always allow you to enjoy the full functionality of your hands while exercising. Also, you will find adjustable wrist straps to assure a snug fit around your wrist while you carry on your daily workout routine. We have sourced the best quality Velcro for the wrist straps for longer shelf life.”

Speaking on, Nelson mentioned the grip pads on the palms of their innovative weighted gloves. These grip pads are integrated into the gloves to facilitate easy grip onto various exercise equipment such as bars, dumbbells, plates, and so on. Made of high-quality materials, these grip pads assure that hands would stay protected during workouts.

“Our innovative weighted gloves are a great way to keep yourself fit even when you can’t go to the gym or are out on a trip. They are much more comfortable and way stronger than traditional weighted gloves. I have received amazing responses with the prototype as well and am looking forward to starting mass production of the final product. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring M.P. Gloves to life and make it easier to carry on fitness routines more comfortably than ever.”

Backers will be supported with special Kickstarter discounts on M.P. Gloves units. To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

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