SCOOP: Next-gen sports nutrition startup to launch world’s first protein shake in compostable pods on Kickstarter

SCOOP has come up with an innovative pod-based nutrition system which offers an easy, mess-free way to prepare protein shakes on the go and is 100% compostable.

Say goodbye to messy loose powders and taking the same flavour protein shake every day. Barcelona-based innovative sports nutrition startup, SCOOP, has recently launched a revolutionary pod-based nutrition system on Kickstarter. Thanks to SCOOP’s unique bottle and compostable pods, users can create easy, mess-free protein shakes on the go and have complete freedom to mix & match their favourite flavours.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, SCOOP’s protein shake pods are designed for the needs of a modern, healthy and active lifestyle. Stylish and compact, the SCOOP bottle can fit conveniently into a bag for easy portability. With sustainability at the heart of the business, SCOOP’s pods are 100% compostable and all the packaging is recyclable.

Nowadays everyone leads busy lifestyles, and it can be really hard to eat well while on the go. We tried regular protein powders, but we grew tired of taking the same flavour for months on end and struggling to prepare our protein shakes on the go. That’s why we decided to create SCOOP. A smarter alternative that enables you to enjoy a healthy protein shake in a variety of flavours wherever you are. After many months of development, we succeeded in creating the world’s first protein shake in a compostable pod which enables you to prepare an easy, mess-free shake in three simple steps: pop it, shake it, drink it!”, stated Philippa Morris, triathlete, adventure enthusiast and co-founder of SCOOP.

The SCOOP bottle features a dock to transport your pod, and an activation button to create your shake in three simple steps, with no mess and no measuring. What’s more, the SCOOP bottle serves as your essential everyday water bottle whilst the pod is inactivated. 

SCOOP’s first product is the WORKOUTWhey, a premium whey protein blend made from 100% natural ingredients.  The pod is made from plant-based sustainable materials and is 100% compostable. Currently, the WORKOUTWhey is available in three delicious flavours- Choc-o-holic, Monkey Madness and Berry Berry Naughty but SCOOP has plans to introduce more flavours for every season in near future.

“SCOOP’s protein pods contain a unique blend of ingredients that are 100% natural and carefully selected by experts to ensure optimum nutritional results. Each of the pods contains 20g of protein and less than 100kcal to promote muscle growth, speed up recovery and also help in weight loss. SCOOP is a user-friendly, practical and eco-friendly product that you can carry with you anywhere so that you never miss out on your daily protein intake. At present, we are looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring SCOOP’s pods and bottles to life and make healthy nutrition easier for all.”

Backers will recieve a special Kickstarter discount on SCOOP products. To learn more or show support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

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